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 Dig leds to house of pain (Monday)

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Dig leds to house of pain (Monday)   Wed Mar 30, 2011 7:11 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....a very dark cloud hung over my head as I awoke. Knew today that I would be going to the house of pain. Like a lamb being led to slaughter, like Custer's last stand and like the British during WW11 at Hong Kong I knew there was no escaping the house of pain!

To prepare myself I became one with my Freedom 3 Plus and meandered around Sir Stanford Fleming park picking up a coin here and a coin there as the proverbial clock ticked in my head. Each tick of the clock brought me closer. An earing. Flowing free. Another coin...would I be around for the 2012 UK trip? A little locket with a photo of a little gipper.....how long had that been there. The wind was whipping at my back making the sand feel like daggers piercing my flesh.....then I found one! Time was here. Time to go to the house of pain! Dig netted me the pendent, an earing and 25 coins @ $4.47. Not enough. Not near enough for a 6 pack of Guinness....the last wish before entering the House of pain!

With head hung low I shuffled into the house of pain.....right on time and was immediately led to the "chair." The horror....the horror.
The instrument of pain was stuck in my lower jaw and the merchant of pain didn't even flinch.....a numbness caused my mouth to go dry..I drooled out of the corner of my mouth and then it began.......the whirling of the drill! It was over before it began and this bouy was free from the house of pain minus a much lighter wallet but did get a parting gift.....

Navy Davy does the silver dew! (Wednesday)

From the land of the Bluenose.....0900hrs came way to quickly as the sound from Navy Davy's mobile pierced the quietness surrounding my abode. Coffee at Tim's, a trek a mile back in the woods, no coins off to the Dingle!

Navy Davy readied his weapon and assaulted the shoreline.

Within minutes he had unearthed a large cent, then a toasty one and finally a 1940 silver dime. Bouy dun sum gud on the shore of the Northwest Arm. By the time he was done for the day which wasn't too long after our jaunt in the woods he had a nifty little pile!

This bouy too was one exhausted puppy and netted a 1960 one Franc French coin, a pendent promoting good health (wez too far gone fur dat me son) and 24 coins @ $0.60.

Of course once we got back to the truck and collapsed into the comfie seats ND pulls out a pin from his last beach dig...............not to be today! Always tomorrow me son!
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Dig leds to house of pain (Monday)
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