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 Woodie Diggit in "Skulduggery"

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Woodie Diggit in "Skulduggery"   Sat Feb 05, 2011 7:25 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....in this episode of the continuing saga of Woodie Diggit our hero finds himself in a world of hurt as he fights the demons from within as he is diagnosed with the disease "mustdigeosis." The pedals of the rare tinflower will cure this sickness that has engulfed our hero. Woodie sets forth on his search that takes him to every corner of the globe as the clock ticks and his life ebbs away.

This years cast of characters are from dug finds, eyeball finds and photos taken while detecting in 2010.

Woodie Diggit in " Skulduggery"

production of a
film. Shot on location at Studios.

The news was not good and hit Woodie Diggit like a runaway freight train. He could not grasp the death sentence that Dr. Seetharamadoo had just handed him.
"Why me" he thought to himself!
The doctor did give a glimmer of hope as he explained to Woodie that there was indeed a cure. The ground up pedals of the tinflower would counter act all the symptoms of the dreaded disease "mustdigeosis."

He would find the tinflower and cure himself. Woodie reached in his coat pocket and opened his and called his Marie who immediately broke down and wept at the news.

Woodie looked at his which told him it was. Just enough time to go home pack and catch a to Digatopia where his doctor told him was as good as any place to start looking for a tinflower. Dr. Seetharamadoo had also told him that he had a week at the outside and that he would begin to hallucinate within 36 hours.

At the airport Woodie was met by the who gave him the necessary travel documents. Woodie put on his best, shook hands and boarded his flight.

Once in the air the Embrae 190 banked west. As Woodie looked out the window he could see the at Peggy's Cove.

As he landed in Digatopia the sun was just setting. As beautiful as it was Diggit's thoughts were elsewhere.

Woodie retrieved his baggage and went to therentals and decided on a white
as the heat was almost unbearable in Digatopia.

The first symptom of the ailment appeared as Woodie thought he saw a boy on hisriding across the sky. He staggered over to the car opened the trunk and was greeted by a talking with a hat on who told him to go south. Diggit blinked and the apparition disappeared just as quickly as it had come.

Woodie was not one to ignore providence and headed south with the paved road soon becoming one of dirt ever narrowing till Woodie had to proceed on foot as his vehicle could not go any further. The dirt road was now but a foot path along the ocean.

Woodie put all his gear in his backpack save for a as Diggit had that gut feeling that he was not alone. That he was being watched. Then it and by it I mean it stepped out of the bush and gave Woodie it's evil eye! which caused a feeling in Woodie's throat as if there was a lodged half way down his esophagus. After the initial shock Woodie decided that he had the to give this creature the but it quickly fled back from where it came. Diggit continued on his quest with a added to his steps after his latest confrontation. After turning a bend he had to cross a small stream that was teaming with of every color under a rainbow while the far bank was being guarded by a land

Woodie continued on undaunted thinking of and his two daughters who were recently married and starting a life of their own.......as Woodie's was was nearing it's end!

Hunger set in so Woodie reached into his backpack and took out some which he made short work of. He leaned on a tree loosened the on his coat and began to play his . While strumming he looked around and noticed some purple but no tinflowers. He arose and slowly began his trek as his strength was ebbing. Another hallucination began. It was raining . The horror! The horror! Thank God there was none of those mobile manure makers around or he would have lost it big time. Normality returned.

short time later Woodie had to rest again.
He was loosing his big time and yet another weird sight materialized in front of him.
Slickpick Rick riding a and Navy Davy frozen solid in a summer snow storm.

Again Woodie gradually became lucid. His senses returned. Getting to his feet once again Woodie nearly fell off the mountain. Looking to his left he saw it! The end of his quest was near as he spotted the tinflower with it's medicinal . Diggit with his near last breath grabbed his and dug out the plant. He mixed up the roots and pedals and swallowed the concoctions.

Within minutes he felt renewed and totally cured! His mission now was to return home and out a few problems with his beloved Marie!

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Woodie Diggit in "Skulduggery"
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