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 Navy Davy 925 "O" Bluenoser 10K "O"

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Navy Davy 925 "O" Bluenoser 10K "O"   Thu Nov 18, 2010 3:11 pm

From the land of the Bluenose....


It was one of those days. You know the kind. The kind where you can do an aquatic dig on Land. Luckily ND and I arrived before it started but we were prepared me son!

Dig started off very slowly as we had pounded the halibut out of this place but for some reason we always find a new hot spot. ND drew first silver with this sweet little number.

Then the heavens got blacker and blacker and then even blacker as we continued to dig. Then the "Big Guy" turned the overhead shower on....full. Lord love a duck did it come down. The walk back to the truck was like going down a water slide youz!

ND netted the nice ring and 27 coins whereas I some keys,dog tag, button,weight, 1949 Hong KOng dime and 78 coins @ $3.13

Later that evening I talked to ND by phone and asked how the contest was coming. He informed me that his wife had picked a winner for his best find contest (CSA buckle). She also had asked him why we find so many dog tags. Well with a straight as possible face (that I find hard to believe) ND told me that he responded to his wife's question by answering "Guess it's because they have no pockets!" UMMMMMMMMMMMMMM


"Okay do an arm bar then wrist lock!"
It was that time of year again at work for Pressure Point Control Tactics, handcuffing and such. By the time it was over I was sore, bruised and beaten! Only one thing a bouy can do to stretch it out. Gut dat right youz...go a digging. Had an hour and hit the field that I had found the honker on last week. Only differnce this time is the there were no seagulls! Hit a few coins in the muck then bingo, zowie and swish this number!

This one also had a nice weight!

Managed a key and 11 coins @ $2.70 besides the ring.

On a serious note I ask for your prayers as my mother was taken to hospital today .
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Navy Davy 925 "O" Bluenoser 10K "O"
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