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 Spirit of White Crow visits Bluenoser

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Spirit of White Crow visits Bluenoser   Sat Oct 16, 2010 4:27 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.......raining hake and herring but what the halibut this bouy was going a digging.

"Put on your rain suit."
"Yes dear."
"Be safe."
"Yes dear."
"Be home for supper."
"Yes dear."

With that I was out the door and into the liquid curtain heading toward a local playing field behind a school. Had the place to myself which suited this bouy fine. Wrapped the rascal in a Glad garbage bag to protect my beloved Freedom 3 Plus....after all I support safe swinging! Coins came at a fair pace and eventually the sun poked through the dark clouds. And with the sun came the albino crows squawking and doing what birds do. So I did what I do. Started to play a game of "Follow the Seagull." I picked out this old one that seemed slower than the rest and followed him around the field. Worked good for I soon had a ring (not sure if silver) and a slew of pennies.

Of course little did I know that when I went back to Otto for fresh batteries the old white crow had done a number on me.

Good thing those birds are protected or I'd have been out there with my pea shooter.

Stopped on the way home at the bakery and picked up Marie a few rocky road squares to easy the pain of her seeing me so dirty

Well let me tell you me son by the time I was finished this dig I looked about as dirty as a Cape Breton coal miner coming up top after his shift. As I opened the door and entered I gut a start youz!

Then looking out the window I thought it was me oldest sister come to visit!

Even Rutgar was keeping "bad" company.

Personally I think the poor bouy was just trying to get ahead youz!

Ditched the mud caked clothes just as Marie entered. Pointed to the box with the goodies........I immediately could smell trouble youz for she went to the bedroom and came out wearing some of the perfume I had picked up for her on my UK trip. Lord love a duck waz I in trouble. No peace for this bouy and I don't think the dozen Guinness Brothers were going to get me out of this jam.

Total for the days encounter with White Crow was a ring, button, a dewie and 109 coins @ $9.04 added to the "Back to the UK Fund."

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Spirit of White Crow visits Bluenoser
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