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 Digging the Netherworld in Murkyville

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Digging the Netherworld in Murkyville   Mon Oct 11, 2010 4:18 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.......the wind was howling through the trees which seemed to be bending, reaching out for some unsuspecting passerby. The river gave off an ominous blue hue. No birds sang nor was any mobile manure makers present. We were alone I say........alone!

The Bluenoser was still upset by his encounter with the winged pale one whose look was not of this earth!

Navy Davy was not himself. He had turned to the dark side and at times his Ace 250 looked more like a light Sabre!

His face. It was hideous as it took on an unnatural tint.

The pair of diggers dug. Each aware of the other. Neither turning their back to the other. Coins were removed from the domain of the Netherworld as it's leader looked on.

The leader of the Netherworld shook with anger and called on his army to drive away the plunderers who had just about dug their quotas.

But they themselves were driven away by the smell of the decaying and rotting wildfire flower.

With their pockets full of treasures the two felt like a curse had been lifted and they stopped by to pay tribute to ensure safe passage through Murkyville least they receive the horn of plenty where not wanted!

Navy Davy arrived at his humble abode carrying 61 coins and a bell from a baby woosegoose.

The Bluenoser spirited up a 45 cal semi wade cutter, a watch that took a licking and is not ticking and 89 coins @$9.93

added to the back to the UK fund!

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Digging the Netherworld in Murkyville
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