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 Combo quota between games

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Combo quota between games   Sun Sep 19, 2010 10:42 am

From the land of the Bluenose....as I stepped on the field my shoes became emerged in a thick ooze of mud. This is what we had to play our year end ball tournament on. Lord love a duck this was going to be fun. Ending up in the cellar of the league we were relegated to the "B" section and still had our hands full. First game was against Oakmount Station Pub and was a good game at least till the end of the first inning! Man did we stink! Of course I lasted a clean soul till the third where I dove to my right for a line shot while playing first and ended up in the biggest mud puddle on the field. They mercy ruled us in 7 (15 runs ahead at the bottom of any inning after 7 and the game is over). With two and a half hours before our next game I went to a local beach, changed and went aquatic for a little swish to brush off some of the mud and relax before the next onslaught. Scoffed up a dinkie dinkie , a ring and a few coins and headed back to the field. Of course my team was doing what they do best.....drink beer!

Next game we fared a little better and made it to the 8th inning before the mercy rule took effect and once again I had a lot of time before our final game venturing to a school that was close by and rounded off the quota netting 90 coins @$14.47, a key, dinkie dinkie,kid's ring and a dewy with the words "Polar Wear" on it.

Final game of the day......um rather not go there but lets say it was a quick one and that, as Martha Steward would say " And that is a good thing" as Marie and I had to attend the annual awards , dinner and dance for my work where we sat with John and Marie Kingston. He by the way was the opposing pitcher in our first game of the day and a bouy I detect with.

Midnight marked a milestone for Marie and I.....................12 years of bliss! I am lucky and she is cursed me son!
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Combo quota between games
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