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 $2,464.20, quota and a gold "O"

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: $2,464.20, quota and a gold "O"   Mon Aug 16, 2010 3:13 pm

From the land of the Bluenose....the young boy strolled down the beach with his second hand detector which suddenly gave a strong beep. The lad dropped the detector and began to dig in the sand with his hands uncovering a chest. Prying open the top he.......the dream faded as the middle aged man stretched in his bed feeling the dull ache in every joint. He made his way to the medicine cabinet and took his daily dose of blood pressure, stomach pills as well as two cod liver oil capsules and a Centrum 50 Plus vitamin pill.

The day was made for digging and the middle aged man packed his gear as he had done for the past 35 years looking forward to a day off.................as the little bouy inside him got excited as there was treasures to be found and dragons to be slain.

The middle aged man stops at a playing field behind a middle school and lovingly assembles his Garret and grabs his lesche tool heading along the edge of the field as the young boy dashes past kicking a goal that sends his team to the World Cup. Coins are dug with the man giving a satisfactory grunt not at finding a coin but in being able to once again stand upright as the arthritis gnaws at his bones causing a dull pain. Within an hour quota is had and the middle aged man is sweating and stooped over and calls it a day as the lad sighs as he wants to continue playing.

Once home the middle aged man counts his take........50 coins @ $5.99. After a brief rest and the sun beaming the middle aged man is refreshed enough to go at her again but this time aquatic.

The water is cool and the man enters the water as the young lad looks on. A coin followed by another as the lad rushes into the water and starts splashing the other kids. Was it on the 5th or 6th target the man pulls up his scoop and laying at the bottom of it is a gold ring. The man smiles while the youth thinks to himself, " That is no fun I can't play with that!"

The middle aged man continues his grid at waist high after he pocketed the ring. Half way up the beach a strong sound enters his headphones and he steps gingerly on his scoop driving it down into the sand. He lifts the scoop which reveals a die cast car like the ones he used to play with on the beach in years gone by. "Man that is so cool" retorts the young boy.

A few more targets and reality sets in as he must go home and do the domestics. The young lad looks skyward and thinks that he has another hour to play before he must leave for supper.

Once home the middle aged man slowly does the dishes, makes the bed and peels the potatoes for supper. "Neat stuff," says the youth as he puts everything in his treasure chest. The chores are done and the middle aged man recalls that he did n't check his lotto tickets...................5/6 for the 3rd time...............the "If onlys" hit him as he thinks for all the good he could do for friends and family if that one last number was 26.
instead of 23.

The young bouy immediately thinks of a trip to Disney World as the older man thinks of the time he robbed Peter to pay Paul. Restitution is made to Peter and bills payed. The young man heads off to bed as the middle aged man pops the cap on his first beer of the evening and settles in next to his lady to watch a movie.

The pirates move ever so close................................!

Take for the outing was a gold ring, Portugal key ring with key, "30 parlor token and 76 coins @ $13.04
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$2,464.20, quota and a gold "O"
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