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 3 Homies, 2 days,5 925er's , 6 quotas and one diamond ring

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: 3 Homies, 2 days,5 925er's , 6 quotas and one diamond ring   Sat Aug 07, 2010 6:30 pm

From the land of the Bluenose......"Lord love a duck Navy Davy do you ever show up on time...not 15 minutes early?" With these words I was in the passenger seat, strapped in and ready for anything Tim's could throw at us....including their breakfast sausage sandwich which slides off the bun into your lap. I was fearful at the instant of what Mrs. Navy Davy would do to me homie......2 days house arrest doing laundry or worse...two days in the galley. Bouy is a real terror there. So wez a going down the valley to pick up the other gang member ..the notorious Slick Pick Rick... a man of few words and even fewer gold rings!

Arrived and smelt the roses.........or is it more like Fox Gloves!

Anyway we load up and head to the nearest playing field and pillaged, raped and otherwise had a great time with Navy Davey offing a few 926er "O's' from Mother Nature who retorted by beaming most divinely causing these digging homies to sweat most profusely. Undaunted we stabbed, jabbed and did the dew till it was time to head to crypt and treat my man man to a gourmet feed of "peaches and cream a la cob" washed down by some most enjoyable Moosehead Dry followed by a swish at some of my lakes in the hood after ND called it day. Each of us pulled the trigger on the digger and scoffed a silver ring. This was the routine for my weekend house guest.

Navy Davy had a gud days homie and didn't come out to play in the evening deciding to remain on his turf and play with his main squeeze. Offed 64 coins @ $16.15 and deau 925ers

Homie Bluenose's crime proceeds for the days included 2 925er "O" and 115 coins @ 21.90.

Bad bouy SPR netted 95 coins @ $6.57

Day 2

Rested and primed to do crime Nd slide in at a cool 0645hrs and we cruised on out to a park after visiting Mr. Big for java and a bun whereas ND stayed aloft on the ground and homie SPR and I went aquatic looking for that mean snapper that was on our turf. Guess the firepower of the Seahunter MK2 and Fisher 1280x kept the Blood off the Crypt Oceana.

Coins were had on both venues and we raided a gold egg farm and recruited 4 new strikers. Slick pick was ....out there. Like man out of sight!

So the homie was reeled in like big time and we like did a field which was almost virgin! Loot was pocketed. Quotas were had.

Nd at 56, SPR at 78 @ $14.67 (silver "O" added later on a swish) and the Bluenoser diamond "O" 3 earrings, a dewy and 87 coins @ $12.87

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3 Homies, 2 days,5 925er's , 6 quotas and one diamond ring
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