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 Ladies Digging School and gold

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Ladies Digging School and gold   Wed Jul 28, 2010 5:38 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.......this was going to be one of those days as I had agreed to take two newbies out and teach them the ropes. The students arrived promptly at 0930hrs and I took them to Lesly Thomas School for their first outing. Cindy was swinging her Ace 250 while Holly my fav Freedom 3 Plus.

Covered the basics;
factory settings verses personal settings 101
hole and plug digging 101
pitfalls of improper swing and shaft length 101
digging ethics 101

An hour later the girls had each dug a few coins under my guidance although I felt a tad uncomfortable saying such things as;
"Drive it in right to the hilt (knife or lesche tool that is)
"Nice looking hole!"
"Put your hand in the hole and feel around the sides." Lost signal whereas the coin was sideways on the side of the hole.
And the worse one, "I'll come over and help you with your hole."
Lord love a duck. Girls took it in stride.

Holly asked me if someone could help identify one of her finds which is about 2 inches long as shown here in one piece.

Here shown with the top screwed of.

Anyway time was up and the girls headed off to where ever. Grad photo.

I too left and hit a lake to cool off and partake in a little swishing pulling out a key, 2 washers, Crystal marble (came up in my sieve when digging a target) an earring dewy,gold ring and 28 coins (only 2 came from the "classroom time) @ $4.30

Man this is one small gold ring.

A Bluenose moment brought to you by Rub A535 Roll on!

After the swish I headed home and jumped in the shower to wash the sand off and get ready for ball. Putting on deodorant in my armpits which immediately began to burn like the Towering Inferno then I looked at what I was using.....you got her me bouy Rub A535. Lord love a duck. Washed again but the burning persisted and the worse was yet to come. Put a knee brace on the right knee and headed off to the ballgame. Started as the pitcher and in the first two innings all seemed well with no ball hit back through the mound. Came up to bat in the third with the bases loaded and no outs. Hit a rope to left center and two runs scored....I was thrown out at first...actually made it about a third of the way up the line and the knee buckled. Man that hurt so I packed up and left. My future reads....... "See witch doctor in the morning! Dr, Sidar Seetharamadoo hopefully will have a magic potion to help cure the knee.
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Ladies Digging School and gold
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