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 Ha Moon the Bro

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Ha Moon the Bro   Sun Jul 25, 2010 2:03 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....And the Boss spoke..."We shall go to the beach!" Who was I to question that voice in my head so Saturday we loaded Otto and did the dew.

"We shall stop at Tim's." Who was I to question this so at Tim's we did stop.

Once at the beach no voice said..."And you shall swing the coil of Garrett." The halibut with that voice in my head I went a swinging as Marie plugged her Ipod into her cerebral cortex.

So a digging I went unearthing a few coins and dinkies long forgotten. Then I went aquatic unearthing a few coins......and muck.

Marie not noticing the world around her walked the line...water line that is.

Time was going way too fast and we left for the dew at the "Olga's" as it was bro Rick's 50th b'day! Sad part of all this was that Pa will have to put up with the both of us now being members of his 50 plus club which he is the pres of. Suck it up dad.

Kayla made the grand appearance with Tess on her like a bone.

Natasha was chowing down.

While sis Mick was hanging from the rafters!

After that affair I went home and gave Kayla the clan ring (Thanks Steve from PQ) and a black pendent wrapped in silver wire to Kayla and headed to the lake to cool off. A few coins were had, we cooled off and headed home to watch the latest Shriek movie..........um a green man that talks to donkeys....time for a Bud!

Take for the combo outing was two dinkies, two earrings, a key. tweezer.....um.....ouch plucking stings, "You & me" pendent and 43 coins @ $9.29.

The rain was ..........raining and I was going more batty then usual so I called Navy Davy who had just returned from flea marketing and was scratching away. Wet, dark and not into the mood we dug with ND finding 28 coins.

Whereas gimpy with his bad right knee managed a key. "Ha!" pin, Wilson Comeau dog tag, pendant moon and 39 coins at $ 3.45.

Think digging is on hold till the next trip to my witch doctor who can chant up a cure for my knee!

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Ha Moon the Bro
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