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 Aquatic land dig

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Aquatic land dig   Wed Jul 14, 2010 3:33 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....the steady drumming of the rain on the window pane was indeed a nice way to awaken from a deep sleep. First day off and it was raining hake and herring big time me son.

Undaunted I arose and did the dew domestically least I be keel hauled by the boss who runs a tight ship.

Grabbing attire, my Freedom 3 Plus, Glad garbage bag for same, packing the aquatic gear, camera I headed to Tim's for my java fix and then pointed Otto to a local park in the rain. Had to share it however with a multitude of ducks, crows, Canada Geese (dirty sods youz) and a few meandering dogs!

With my Tim's in one hand, swinging the Garrett in the other and the heavens opening up at full tilt I was in digging utopia big time. Coffee did get cold quick youz! Found a few dinkies and a halibut of a lot of "green geese grease" which stuck like crazy glue to my crocs. Had enough of this so I went aquatic after returning to Otto to get the Seahunter mk11 and was about to take my shirt off..........wait me son I was soaked so I'ze left it on and went deep and took more water. Craters abounded under water but only till knee deep and then a few targets sounded off. About 20 minutes later that was enough and I called it a day. Mind you I enjoyed the free shower that was afforded by Mother Nature to Otto and I but Otto ended up with more water and mud inside then was out. Boss is going to put me on KP for a month.

Anyway take for the day was 2 dinkies, an earing for an elephant, key and 37 coins @ $1.35

At work the night before a fellow on my shift got me to look at a few coins and stamps which I did rewarding me with a gambling token...that I'll never use.

Heard that a few folks think I'm a tad crazy for going out in such weather ...I call it climatizing for my next UK trip. For those talking being my back you are in a great postion to kiss my a$$.

Heard that phrase from my brother-in-law Ken. Have gud digs youz!
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Aquatic land dig
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