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 "O" ET phone hommmmmmmmmme!

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: "O" ET phone hommmmmmmmmme!   Fri Jun 25, 2010 7:55 pm

From the land of the Bluenose....."Get up you lazy bucket of gibs?" Didn't quite say that but through the phone lines I could see that Navy Davy was chomping at the bit with a string of large intestine from some unknown species of fish hanging out each side of his mouth! Bouy wanted to go a digging so I jumped out of bed....more like crawled and got ready.

With a jolt from the Tim's coffee with unknown additives we hit a local park by a lake in an effort to support the wildlife with our flesh and blood as the bugs were relentless.

Navy Davy seemed immune to the onslaught as I swung my lesche tool with the dexterity of a school of albacore circling a school of mackerel. Downed many a flying blood sucker on this day. Then ND struck...........gold!

As Navy Davy dug up his 10k ring I was doing the sandy beach area and was day dreaming of Marie and I walking in the sand on some beach far away. With my next find I could relate that too her...once Navy Davy dries it out and gives it a whirl! "Phone home!"

A first for this bouy. Think that even if it works I'll try and return it....have seen what it does to it's users first hand...walking into on coming traffic, yakking instead of driving and Lord only knows what else....numbing our young ones big time youz!

Halfway through the dig the "corn chowder cramps" hit me and Navy Davy transformed or was it ....more like a metamorphosis into Mario Andriette reving up the engine of his finely tuned truck and bobbed and weaved through traffic with great haste to deliver me to Rotten Ronnie's and my mandatory seating on the throne. Dam! Dam Eno and dam Rolaids that was major relief me bouy. We then proceeded back to the park and dug some more.

Worn out by the heat, beaten by the bugs we retreated and called it a day. Navy Davy's loot with the nice gold band and Italian coins....seen those folks get sent home from the World Cup....go Brazil!

Shown here are my finds along with those from the last one hour hunt at a beach area which included 3 dinkies (think the left hand one is Navy Davy's), a key, kids ring,rhinestone heart,and 37 coins @ $8.65

No rest for the wicket as Shelly (Marie's niece in black outfit reading her cards) turned 24 and birthday cake was in order.

Got inspiration from the sugar rush of the chocolate cake and took a few photos of the fauna on my father-in-laws lawn before heading home to do this post and meet with Mr. Molsen Canadian..........three days off I think well deserved after a grueling pair of night shifts with a union/management meeting in between..............our contract with the airport is up in October and the games have begun! Lord have mercy on our local!

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"O" ET phone hommmmmmmmmme!
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