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 "O" one of those days!

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: "O" one of those days!   Tue Jun 22, 2010 1:59 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....well I was Navy Davyless for today's outing as he was tied up so I grabbed land and water baby and headed to parts unknown. Unknown you say..... well I wasn't sure were I was headed.

Ended up at Jerry Lawrence Park and thought it was a war zone with all the craters made by some digger. As meticulous as a bull in a china shop. Good reason me bouy to take out new diggers. Dug a few holes and spent the rest of the time trying to repair those already dug.

The day was heating up so I changed venue taking to the water with my chest waders on.........guy in a boat went by with the waves quickly filling up my chest waders. Son of a seahorse you can just imagine what I was thinking of calling him! Went a shore and emptied them out, put the gear in the trunk and headed to Frenchy's used clothing store and bought a pair of shorts that were too big for me. How big you ask. Well me son once I'm done with them there is enough material for the main sail of the Bluenose.....would have to be on a beer diet for a year to even come close to filling them up.

Returned to the lake where I was "sunk" with my new threads on which were held up by the belt on the Seahunter and did the dew finding a nice sterling silver ring that needs one halibut of a cleaning to shine!

Exited the water by a rock so that I could clean the sand off before putting my sneakers on. Usually wear crocs in the water. So I cleaned one foot, stepped on the rock, back off the rock, putting my sneakered foot back in the water. Lord love a duck I am one swift bouy! Must have been a weird sight for my fellow motorists as Otto went down the road with an arm holding a soaking sneaker out the window....had to try and dry it off!

Anyway arrived home and came in through the door with all my gear in one hand and arm while holding up my shorts with the other. Went to give Marie a hug and a kiss....... "new" pants" feel to my ankles! Take for the day was 2 keys, an earing, a sinker,sterling ring and 48 coins @$6.40

Had a great supper of beet greens with moose steak followed by a soothing time using my father's day gift from my daughter then off to holy land......."Strike 3 your utta there."
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"O" one of those days!
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