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 Quota and is it time to throw away the old Garrett

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Quota and is it time to throw away the old Garrett   Thu Jun 17, 2010 3:05 pm

From the land of the Bluenose......last night is a night to forget as we were trounced, beaten, defeated, humiliated,annihilated "and loving every moment of it!" Speaking of Smart that I did as I took a line shot back through the mound off the inner thigh just to the right of where my Johnson should have been. Son of a seahorse what a thing to forget!

Later that night I and a couple of Kornas to easy the pain.

A shimmering silver snow feel quietly to the earth as the tiger hid behind a frozen outcrop of grass...baring it's fangs and ready to pounce on this bouy. I pointed my Garrett and pulled the pinpointing trigger which ejected my coil striking the beast full in the face...."Les you getting up as Navy Davy will be calling you soon?"

The coffee and breakfast sandwich slide down easily and we were on our way to the Dingle and a local park. After a few coins and some light rain we moved to the park and did the dew as the rain keep park users away. Nice quiet affair with nothing of note found.

After a time we packed up as ND had a previous engagement and I had to go home and do the domestic dew least the wrath of the Boss fall upon me. Women! Can't get away from them and even this evening should the fields be playable I'm umping a game.............yes a ladies double hitter. Lord love a duck come on rain!

On an even sadder note might have to throw away the old Garrett hat. What do you think? Still some life in it.
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Quota and is it time to throw away the old Garrett
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