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 "O" squeezed in a little swinging

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: "O" squeezed in a little swinging   Tue May 18, 2010 9:52 am

From the land of the Bluenose.....here it is Tuesday and I'm finally getting a chance to post Sundays little outing. Sunday! A very busy day starting with a tough work out on this old bouys body as we had our first ball practise of the year. Sure you all know the story.....parts of the body aching that you didn't know you had muscles there. My new team is shaping up and should be a fun year but I'm sure not a winning one. What the halibut. Had to leave early to hit the Wharf Wrap .

My mother in law "Hot wheels" Donna turned a spry 70 and the family showed up in full force to help her celebrate and chow down on some great food.

Marie and I had fish and chips and let me tell you me son the fish was so big I thought that the cook had caught Captain Ahab's nemeses and threw it on a plate. Everyone rolled out of the place completely satisfied.

Marie left with her family and I went home made a few calls that were outstanding regarding union activities then the umpire in chief called and before I knew it the day was winding done.

Finally got out and hit a local playing field and scoffed a pewter lighthouse thingy that I'm sure came from Peggy's Cove, 46 coins at $5.64 and a silver "O" that was bent out of shape like this m8.

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"O" squeezed in a little swinging
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