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 Century with silver and a darn Mountie!

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Century with silver and a darn Mountie!   Wed Apr 07, 2010 4:14 pm

From the land of the Bluenose....."The purple fish jumped high into the sky and ate the blazing sun!" Man that Neo Citron with a Tylenol sure brings out weird dreams. Must be a sign that ball season is at hand or this bouy is losing it.

Anyway pointed Otto down the 103 to Flying Bra Island but it just didn't seem the same without Navy Davy who is on his way back from Ontario...be glad when the bouy is back in Canada!

Just the ducks, the loons, the squirrels and the porcupine and I on the island on this overcast day. Heaven me son. So I went and dug a hole here and there then there and here. No pattern nor rhyme nor reason. I came. I saw and I dug.

Four hours later it was the other way down the 103 and a stop at the Scotia Bank to get the check..........Allegro Puerto Plata on the 19th here I come for two weeks! Of course I stopped by to bring the Captain on board which will get me keel hauled by the end of the night. On the bright side a hangover is easier to deal with then these darn sinuses especially since my snooch puts Jimmy Durante to shame.

Anyway take for the day was a silver 68 quarter, 1952 dime, two rings, RCMP pin, a dewy< Brit penny (always seem to hit a foreign coin),and 113 coins (counting everything ) at $10.40

The two rings are not good ones but what the halibut!
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Century with silver and a darn Mountie!
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