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 One Foul Quota

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: One Foul Quota   Sat Apr 03, 2010 4:41 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....for the past three days the only solid food this bouy has had is two pieces of toast and a Tim's breakfast sandwich. Niagara nose has been running constantly and I'm bringing up a florescent slime green and yellow gobbly goo from my lungs. This has put me in one foul mood. How foul you ask. So foul that I looked in the mirror this morning and told myself off and that my swollen sinuses looked like a mashed can of gibs....which is fish guts for you land lovers.

My heart was not in it but I went out a swinging anyway. Foul you say. I was so foul that I gave the middle finger salute to a fellow who stopped to enable me to make a left turn off the Bedford Highway.

Decided to hit the park with the water front once again in the hope of finding silver or even better Green Peace towing me out to sea. Hit the grassy area first and pulled out an assortment of coins including one Asian one with a hole in it which I almost tossed away thinking it was a washer. Then this yappy little dog started shooting off so I growled at the thing sending it back to the kid who was walking the walking scowering pad. Gave both of them the 1000 yard stare and they kept their distance. Man was I in one foul mood.

So I moved to the beach area as it was mid tide and began to dig. Was hard to pick out the coins even when one removed it from the hole with the lesche tool. And I kid you not on this one!
Bent down real low to look for one coin and got sprayed on in the face by a clam. That set me off and I dug till I found the darn thing then with my best two finger fastball grip let it rip at the concrete wall.................made me feel good youz save for the drip from my nose going all over the place. Man was I foul. Here is the area I was digging...photo from last time there.

So anyway I dug a bit more totally po'ed at the world. Total for the dig was one fun zone token (don't say it or even think it) an Asian coin and 69 coins @$6.67

Came home to Hunny Bunny making eggs benedict for tomorrows gatherings. She looked up at me and smiled and I scowled at her to which she replied putting me in my place by saying, "It would take a plastic surgeon to remove that look from your face!"
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One Foul Quota
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