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 Good Friday Good silver

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Good Friday Good silver   Fri Apr 02, 2010 4:13 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....and it came to pass that the swinger of the White Orb of Garrett awake with Niagara Nose flowing freely. As he rolled to his left expecting his betrothed to say those three special words he was lowering the bed linen releasing a noxious odoriferous gas. The Swinger of the White Orb of Garrett did forthwith get the three words from his angelic better half, "Man you stink!" Shunned and an outcast the Swinger of the White Orb of Garrett did make , with great haste his way from the room of deep sleeps.

A pagans meal of broken bread was all that he could eat. For the "Big Guy" had cursed him with the sickness of the unholy for he had sinned by not entering the "Big Guy's House" on this most holy of days.

Going to his stable with the tools of the trade of a low cast member the Swinger of the White Orb of Garrett entered his horseless carriage Otto and hence did depart least he be further shunned.

The heavens showed their wrath. The abundance of horseless carriages showed their wrath. Even the humble purveyor of Tim Horton's showed her wrath giving the Swinger of the White Orb of Garrett a double double rather then the traditional double milk.

Aimlessly wondering. Wondering why he was forsaken the Swinger of the White Orb of Garrett did end up at thy humble abode of lower education and began to ply his trade. He soon dropped to his knees repeatedly but not in praise but in wonderment that the "Big Guy" had in deed forgiven his transgressions and rewards him with a multitude of disks of payment. Hallelujah. Whilst on his knees the Swinger of the White Orb of Garrett did giveth thanks and praise to thy "Big Guy" and Saint Digalot the patron saint of those that swing.

But alas the scared ground of lower education had given up all it fruits and the Swinger of the White Orb of Garret did spurr his horseless carriage to another promised land that was near the forbidden beach for those that swim. Hades and other unearthly terrors laid on the beach for all to see. Cast outs, broken bits and the foulest stench that the netherworld could produce. But the Swinger of the White Orb of Garret looked for devine guidance skyward and began to swing through the foul stench and debauchery of human outcast worldly goods. Disks of silver from two different monarchs did pass under his orb as did a coin from the promised land. A ring did ring but hath no value. The sun was once again descending from the Land of the Bluenose and with great haste he departed least he be bedding down with the live stock in the stable. The Swinger of the White Orb of Garrett did smile to the heavens for quota was given by earth in the form of a ring, lead button, Israel coin, two silver disks (from the reign of George V! and Elizabeth 11) totaling a century plus 2 @ $4.38.
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Good Friday Good silver
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