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 Darn things eyes popped when it saw my find!

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Darn things eyes popped when it saw my find!   Wed Mar 24, 2010 6:10 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....well me son it was raining hake , herring and halibut so hard a bouy couldn't see a shore iffen he was 100 yards off port! What the heck seemed to this bouy a day made for digging. Almost put me chest waders on for a land dig but decided that I would get the thousand yard stare when I went into Tim's dressed like that so I wore my usual digging uniform which is just a cut above what the "in vogue" street person wears!

Decided a walk in the woods with nature and doggie dew was in order so I hit Laurie Park which has.....a lot of woods..... and a lot of doggie dew. Think me son by the looks of one of Gomer's Piles an elephant must be loose in the park!

Anyway I managed a blissfully half quota and not a partridge in a pear tree but a green life form that was in a transmutation state. Even Rutgar growled when I brought this puppy home. Mind you evolution was on this "things" side as you squeezed the yellow spot on his belly the eyes pop!

Anyway after the traumatic experience of catching this beast I pointed Otto home and did the dew domestically rather then have the "boss" knock me back into the stone age . By the way must remember to pick her up a token of my appreciation on turning 47.......a very good year by the way.

So after that .......................um! Sun was out. Still light. Not tired so...................................another dig was in order to meet quota with this venue being a local park like the guy digging in the down pour...local! Second half of quota was dug up along with a quart of rye(from the local smart shop) and a nice 925er "O"

Total for the outing was "ET", a Canada Pin" (which I will wear on my work forge cap) silver "O" and 67 coins @ $5.15 which will be added to the rock tumbling project while the ground is frozen.........next time!
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Darn things eyes popped when it saw my find!
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