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 Buttons, 1852 and silver "O's"

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Buttons, 1852 and silver "O's"   Mon Mar 08, 2010 12:19 am

From the land of the Bluenose.....while the man of leisure toiled away at the local flea markets this working class stiff was laying the ground work for a day of digging by making the boss breakfast in bed.

About 11am Navy Davy showed up and away we went as Marie and her sisters headed for the Rubber Duckie car wash. Lord only knows how bad Otto needed a bath.

Ironically we chose a digging spot that had been my first exposure to the hobby and it wasn't long before Navy Davy was folding himself to dig targets.

And even sooner it seemed that the "Navy Davy Fan Club" swarmed him and admiring the 1852 Quebec Bank token that he had unearthed. Mister man that is one big heavy coin!

We made a fine pair on this day with ND's bad back and my bruised ribs. The moaning and groaning I'm sure could rival the fog horn from the lighthouse at Ketch Harbour!

Navy Davy was having a field day finding a nice silver ring followed by a small gold one. His Ace 250 was a humming with a dog tag, a few buttons, an eyeball eye find and a nifty little bell to go along with his 30 coins.

As for this old bouy it was a silver ring, key, two dog tags and 84 coins @ $6.16

The mandatory Tim's once again was fruitless as we continued our "O4" in that department.

The day before I had been scouting the old stagecoach stop area and was dismayed that yet another spot had bite the dust due to construction. Couldn't even find the cellars!

On the brighter side I did manage to catch a glimpse of the rare , native to Nova Scotia only "Bouy Tree" in full bloom!
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Buttons, 1852 and silver "O's"
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