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 Woodie Diggit and the search to get hammered

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Woodie Diggit and the search to get hammered   Tue Jan 19, 2010 2:22 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....this is the third installation of the Woodie Diggit trilogy with the first two; "Woodie Diggit and the Gauntlet of Doom" and "Woodie Diggit and the Key to the Dragon's Chest" now out in syndication (PM me if you want the link to these stories). In this saga Woodie faces the demons from within and being shunned by his love Ulikea Todig who has run off with another man.

Components: finds and eyeball finds while detecting

Woodie Diggit and the Search to Get Hammered

production of a
film in association with
International. Written and directed by The Bluenoser.

Woodie Diggit was feeling down in the dumps and out in the cold as Ulike Todig had left him for another man.

Suffering from digging withdrawal Woodie turned to the only friend he knew and drowned all his sorrows almost everyday knowing that the wedding bells would never ring.

Too boot Woodie had lost all pride and intestinal fortitude having failed on his last quest. That was it! Maybe a new quest is what he needed to restore his self worth. But to what end and to find what. Woodie thought long and hard hammering his brain which was still ringging loudly from last night's bout with the bottle. That's it he thought to himself I'll go to Britian to find "Edward the Hammered" who has been buried for over 600 years.

Woodie immediately packed his bags and headed to the garage to choose which
he would drive and finally settling on his
Woodie arrived at the airport just in time to watch a
land and some strange looking
deplane on the tarmac.
Woodie quickly checked in his bags and headed to the
the boards to check his flight time with his old buds at S.O.C. (security operations center) and to view the cameras as those fellows that got off the helicopter tweaked his interest.

They hadn't enetered the airport terminal so he felt more at ease as he entered the bar to have a drink

and to do a bit of

His numbers came in so he went to see an old flame, Jennifer who worked at the money exchange.

Then threw
(a.c.e ...air crew enterence) so that he wouldn't set any alarms off with the
that he was concealing and walked over to
gate #
to catch his plane.

The transatlantic flight was uneventful but there was something in the back of his mind that
was bothering him. He quickly retrieved his carry on and searched the contents finding several
which meant that some one was on to him and his caper!
Son of a
this really made Woodie feel like he had
in his stomach and too boot something in his carry on smelt like
and that something was a
which WD defused while the bomb was still in his bag.

With this out of the way he booted up his laptop and stuck the
in the usp port. This contained all the research and intel he had on Edward the Hammered which wasn't that much. Woodie reckoned that he would have to bit the
on this adventure and keep his foes on a short
while he traveled and faster then his opposition did.

Landing in the UK at Gatewick Woodie's
sunk as he saw that everyone there drove on the wrong side of the road and that he would need some helping
to get around.

Woodie hailed a taxi to the Hilton and gave the driver some
and enquired as to a good place to eat whereas the driver recommended
where he did go and had a fine meal after checking into the hotel. Crossing the street Woodie entered a pub and had a few brewskies with some of the locals and local they were!
During the course of a few rounds, which Woodie paid for, he slipped in the question about local hunters to which one yegg stated that he knew a few. A few more rounds and WD had the info he needed and took a
back to the hotel where his nimble fingers rapidily inserted themselves into the
and waited 4
before hanging up.

Next morning Woodie turned the
into the front desk and headed out stopping at a phone booth and got someone on the first ring...the meet was set and they would rendez-vous at 1313hrs at the

Woodie arrived , drinks were drunk and money changed hands...lots of
(this is all the clad from this year rolled...bank loved me).

Woodie had the info on the legend of Edward and was soon on a field with two experienced treasure hunters. Not to blow his own
but Woodie and his Freedom 3 Plus could swing with the best of them. Grabbing his
Woodie began to look for the elusive Edward as a small
followed his every move, his every step while in the "drunken sailor grid" mode.

Woodie got a tad frustrated at this mobile munure maker being underfoot and would loved to have stuck a
in the darn thing and sold it for the evening meal to some Koreans who seem to consider them a delicacy!

First find of the day for WD was a crubbled up
while the second unearthed treasure was an old

Woodie put on his
and looked for any marking.....none was to be found!

Next target proved to be Woodies zodiac sign the pair of fish representing

Undaunted Woodie continued digging with the next target putting a smile on his
for he had found "Edward the Hammered."
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Woodie Diggit and the search to get hammered
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