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 Tundra dig

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Tundra dig   Mon Dec 07, 2009 5:12 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....the noise was going right through me making me cringe and gasp for air! One would think that after over 30 years at the same dentist the world's worst patient would relax. Not to be and this was only a cleaning!

Escaped uninjured and headed to a park to do a little swinging to relieve my stress from the visit to Dr. Boyle, work and looking after Marie which caused my nose to break out in red bloches. Lord love a duck Rudolph had nothing over this bouy with "his nose so bright" who is considering moonlighting as a lead sled puller.

Anyway the ground was still soft and targets fairly plentiful. Only hassle was this darn spot was Rover who kept on dropping a ball at my feet. If only my rotater cuff wasn't shot I would have throw it's green and red tennis ball in the Northwest Arm in the North Atlantic Drift Current. At least he didn't fertilize the lawn nor think my leg was a fire hydrant.

Got a nice signal and pulled out a cute locket with the three Disney Diva's on it....hold on have to ask the expert on this one.....okay ...Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty and "Beauty and the Beast" minus the Beast. What ever happened to my favourite...Capt Hook?

Anyway I had quota (so I thought) and had to head home to take care of my "princess" as I had been gone a little over two hours. Started supper, cleaned, did the wash and counted my loot.........................son of a salted or frozen halibut! My hands had been frozen. My boots full of salt. But no quota. Miscounted by three. Being an average neurotic, slightly unbalanced detectotist like most of us I headed out to capture three more coins close to home to make quota. Since the dishes were done it was near time to mess them up with supper so away I went.........to get butter!.

Less then15 minutes later 8 coppers had joined the mud in the bottom of my digging jacket pocket so I meandered over to the grocery store for butter after reading an email I had recieved about margerine..................shocking youz!

Anyway here is the before washing stage of th finds.

And here is the after washing finds which incluedd the locket, a combination dewy, watch (nice strap on it) and 55 coins @ $3.90 which will be added to the back to the UK fund which if things go right will be in June!
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Tundra dig
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