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 Double "O" Silver

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Double "O" Silver   Wed Dec 02, 2009 6:17 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....R.I.N.G. Agent Silver Cobra was out there and in hiding from the two agents from G.A.R.R.E.T.T. (what that stands for who knows and better yet...who cares) sent out to put an end to his fingering friendlies to the enemy!

My Austin Martin was in the garage getting the rocket launchers fixed so we had to settle for the "Thunderbolt Grease Slapper" set on cruise control to "Flying Bra Island" but not before a mission briefing at Tim's where we ordered our drinks...shaken not stirred!

We arrived and cautiously started to scan the ground for hidden agents unearthing low level operatives known as pennies with the odd nickle, dime and quarter agents rounded up. We knew they were in the area as their banners, the flying bras were flapping in the wind at coordinates... 44 double "d" ! Would not want to meet the owner of that in the dark as those slingshots were loaded for bear!

Anyway Navy Davy was in the stealth mode and knocked off a junk ring, silver band ring and the 925 er "O" Cobra in minutes and the mission was over . Darkness had set in causing very poor quality microfilm shots that I'm sure the chief and 99 will not be able to see.

Apprehended by ND was the two silver "O's, dog tag from the unknown agent and a slew of coins!

Even photo enhancing didn't help those puppies show up better!

The Bluenoser had a good mission netting a dog tag circa 1977 and quota of 73 coins @ $4.78

Arriving at the safe house I was aghast to find Agent "Hunny Bunny" had been abducted by her evil sisters and taken to the annual Golden Arch Xmas party. Live it up girl for tomorrow you go under the knife.........and I'll be beside her all the way........and loving it!
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Double "O" Silver
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