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 small silver heart and an even smaller buffalo

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: small silver heart and an even smaller buffalo   Tue Nov 24, 2009 2:21 pm

From the land of the Bluenose....0800hrs and we were at the golden arch stocking up on coffee and grease for the day ahead. It was a dark sky. A black sky. A sky that was begging to let go on a pair of detectorists. But we practise safe detecting and each had a garbage bag to house our machines should the sky open up.

Anyway we arrived at our dig spot and as we walked across the causeway I mentioned the trouble I was having finding a pillow with feathers as I don't like foam ones so he retorts, " That could sure bring a guy down!"

He wasn't finished as we approached the Lands and Forest office at the park ND belted out, "We're busted!" Falling into his "pun" I answered, "We ain't doing anything me bouy so how can we be busted?" With that he pointed to the little Lands and Forest office where someone had tied a bra to the door handle and the phone! Lord love a duck...what next. Wouldn't you know it I had left the camera in the truck as I thought we were going to get soaked.

But ND wasn't finished with his punning as I got ready to head into the woods to do the dew he shouted,"Keep that up and they'll be soon calling us the Dynamic Stool instead of the Dynamic Duo. Yelling over my shoulder I shouted, "Butt out Dave." Felt good.

That was the end of that and we dug with the rain holding off. Near the campsite by the foundation ND hit a nice silver "O" with a small dog bone dewie in the same hole. Bouy is on a roll. Speaking of small ND pulled out a minature Yank buffalo nickel that he had dug last outing.

Exact in every detail and a real oddball find.

For us the day was just about over and we motored back home tired and satisfied with the days finds.

Navy Davy ended 76 coins, a 1902 2 Ore Scandinavian coin, the silver ring and lighter.

Take for the day for this bouy was a 1961 dime, the silver locket,a junk ring,fun zone token,1966 10 penning German coin withthe guts rotted out and 88 coins (including the German and silver) @$2.97

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small silver heart and an even smaller buffalo
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