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 Navy Davy's heart of gold

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Navy Davy's heart of gold   Sat Nov 14, 2009 4:36 pm

Feeling kind of Groovey.............Friday

From the Land of the Bluenose.....what more could a bouy ask for me son? A nice day in November,new batteries, a stop at Tim's and no hunters allowed!

Anyway we came, we gwacked, we dug and just enjoyed till the sun went down.

Navy Davy unearthed a nice 925 er "O" and 40 coins.

Sort of dark when I took this photo but what the halibut!

Dis bouy had not a bad day but as always was staggering a tad due to lack of sleep and later that night was staggering due to sailing with Capt. Morgan...tough master when he is dark and dirty. Anyway loot for the day was 97 coins @ $$6.13 with a good battery recharging!

Navy Davy and the Heart of gold.....Saturday

From the land of the Bluenose....."Can you believe it? They got our order right at Tim's. Must be due to that 8 cent a cup increase for a large coffee that did that."

Well that was the start to today's digfest at a playing field. At least this time we didn't have to talk to the GRC (RCMP) about kids breaking into the school. Rather uneventful outing with Navy Davy and I just a digging so enjoy the photos.

Navy Davy counting loot.

Navy Davy's heart of gold...hope the diamonds are real me son but is stamped 10k.

ND's total for the day was a century plus one, a silver chain and a coin total of $13.13.

The Bluenoser was in fine form with the knees a creeking with every coin settled for 1965 dime, two Yank 1940's wheaties, Bull's pin, 2 rings (no hallmarks), a heart and chain of Lord only knows what and 155 coins @ $12.96 for the "Back to the UK Fund."

We had a .................
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Navy Davy's heart of gold
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