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 Ballerina Navy Davy and the Century

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Ballerina Navy Davy and the Century   Fri Oct 30, 2009 5:22 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....frost was on the grassy field which partial hid the quagmire that was under it. In no time Navy davy went back to the truck and I two sneakers that had become water reservoirs! Sort of slogged along for the rest of the day after that. Navy davy with his fancy gum rubbers was busy swinging near the band stand scoffing a few coins ..................with dry feet. Imagine that!

Of course Navy Davy hammed it up playing the air guitar version of "Three Coins in a Fountain" mocking my soakers! The nerve of the bouy but as with everything his time would come. Making the best of a good situation I had a few Kodak moments and was busy taking nature shots while ND was digging coins. Couldn't get it in focus but a deer was grazing in the far part of the field. Ironically today was the start of hunting season and those things know it is best to stay near homes....peoples homes that is!

We cleaned the place out as good as we could with the Garretts lining our pockets full of clad then the detecting gods turned against me as my on and off switch on my Freedom 3 Plus broke so for the rest of the day I had to take the batteries out to shut it off! Lord love a duck.

Next spot the detecting gods got Navy Davy for shortly after he found a ballerina pin he did a nice pirouette hitting the ground and measuring 4.5 on the Rickter Scale while flinging his Ace 250 around the nearest tree! Luckily he only cut his hand which Dr. Bluenose put a bandage on. Then I was over taken by that darn Kodak moment that lasted longer then the energizer bunny who I hope gets what is coming to him this hunting season!

"A dig with a View." Sort of sound familar! Enjoy!

Well the day was nearing the end I traced the longest target I had ever had on the way to the Thunderbolt Grease Slapper!

Shocking youz!
We motored home but not before a stop at the "Smart Shop" where I met Mr Dewar White Label and invited him home with Sussex Ginger Ale. Charming company.

Nd had a good trip finding 77 coins two dinkies (one a scarce micro dinkie), and two pins.

My take for the day was a broken Garrett, a broken dinkie ,Hong Kong 25 cent piece and century (100) @ $13.24.
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Ballerina Navy Davy and the Century
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