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 Navy Davy does 10k and I......but a fallen star!

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Navy Davy does 10k and I......but a fallen star!   Mon Oct 26, 2009 4:17 pm

From the land of the Bluenose....."Zombie Land" almost alive and up close and personal! "Hey bouy don't look at me like that or I'll rip your head off and feed it to da fish!"

Looked in the mirror and wanted a piece of that unshaven bouy too Darn dentist had called to remind Marie of her appointment for Tuesday and I wanted to stick his drill where the sun doesn't shine as I was having sweet dreams of a coin laiden filed in th UK! Felt like reaching up through the phone line and riping his wallet out of his pocket......serious damage! Of course I couldn't get back to sleep so with 3 hours sleep (story of my life)I phoned Navy Davy who must have been poised with his hand over the device answered and was here in a flash and with the cash as he paid for Tim's!

Had planned on hitting the shore line once again at the Dingle but the tide was full so it was off to a playing field but not before the bouy scoffed up a nice gold ring in the middle of the woods where we were trying to unearth a few oldies. No horse shoe around for that bouy........................the whole darn horse!
After that we hit a playing field that was a quagmire to say the least...a sort of hip wadder affair to be sure!

A land swish to say the least. So we popped and popped and kept on popping till I ran out of gas and headed home.

Well here is ND's loot plus a photo of his tag from his last dig....morbid to say the least!

All the bending down in my present state sure made the knees ache and i was hoping that a bear would come out of the woods.......I was ready me son! Anyway managed a star, buckle and 73 coins @ $15.20

What salvaged the day was the box!

As my babies arrived home and cured from Dr. Garrett!

If there is any mistakes in this post with grammer.......who gives a halibut!
Life is a beach at least till the tide comes in and the Bud is all gone! Swisher and digger for 36 years . Tant it da trut me bouy dat green tis the way to goes!
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Navy Davy does 10k and I......but a fallen star!
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