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 Quota with a lot of crap!

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Quota with a lot of crap!   Sat Oct 24, 2009 2:03 pm

From the land of the Bluenose....."Well Navy Davy I'm up so lets go a digging."

"Would like to but my septic field is full and they are coming to pump it out. Going to cost me $350."

"Holy sh$t!"

"Got that right."

With that I went to wash up and the "crap" started for me......no hot water and a burning smell from the hot water heater, the tap on the sink broke and the pulley on the loo broke (umm that sounds like it could be a title of a romantic song). Lord love a duck I had to vacate or I was going to go ballistic! Called the building super and let him have some of my crap and headed out on a rather dank, dark and you got it.....crappy day! At least the kaleidoscope of colour from the fall foliage cheered me up a tad youz!

So off I go with the mandatory stop at Tim's for a large double milk coffee which I take a sip of after a leave the drive through. Son of a sea horse what the crap! She had given me a double double! Man that is as sacrilegious as eating fishcakes without salt pork scraps me son! But more crap was coming my way.

Drive to a playing field and take out my camera and you got it..the batteries were dead. I think Everready batteries should be renamed Neverready and too boot both sets of my rechargeables were toast!

Undaunted I began to do the drunken sailor grid of the grid iron popping this and that when the cramps hit and it was the 100 yard dash to the woods! Man never knew I still could move that quick. Of course I forgot the paper work that was in my knapsack in Otto! So I look for the nearest maple tree. And why a maple tree you ask......well me son let me tell you. Maple trees remind me of the Toronto Maple Leafs hockey team and with them being on the bottom of the standing I thought that maple leafs were a fitting choice for the job at hand! Can tell this bouy is a Canadiens fan.

Anyway with that out of the way I returned to the field only to find this lady running around in the rain in pink pajamas chasing a mobile munure maker who looked like he had run into the rear end of a parked car. Yappy little thing looked just like the dog in the 2nd "Men in Black" movie and was running circles around me growling and doing what dogs do. Then the darn thing stopped..........bent down and did a doggie dew number not 5 feet from me. What the halibut and the lady just looked, called her dog back and left. Some poor bouy that gets tackled on that field might end up in deep sh$t!

That was enough and I knew I had quota so I headed home committing a cardinal sin by putting my dirty Garret next to Marie's dolls. Now that too could get a bouy in deep caca so I moved it before she got home!

If she would have seen that I wouldn't have a
to stand on. (came out of a hole where I dug a coin)
Take for the day was 60 coins @ 8.04 including a silver 1965 dime, 2 keys, a button and a leg!

Taking the night shift (so the acting shift I/C is off and the acting 2nd I/C is going to be the acting shift I/C....makes sense to dis bouy) off to attend our year end upires party which features, free food, free booze (ummm) and best of all my pay check which is going into the "Back to the UK fund."
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Quota with a lot of crap!
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