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 Silver from Vickie to Edward to George and ..........."O"

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Silver from Vickie to Edward to George and ..........."O"   Thu Oct 15, 2009 1:13 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.........grrrrrrrrrrrrr zmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Damn vac truck was doing the carpets in the building and this bouy was just getting home from a night shift! Son of a sea horse, what in the halibut, hake and Lord love a duck which I saw a few of as I vacated the apartment and went a digging to escape the noise. The ducks, plenty in number and giving the albino crows a run for their money were pretty brazen along the shore and looked at me...not sure if they thought of me as a walking meal or with lust in their beady little eyes! Anyway in my deprived state I just ran at them like a raving lunitic waving the Garrett and they soon took to the sea.........peace and some quiet!

Did the shore line that had been done a few days back and once again had to look at this poor excuse for a house.

Heard threw the 10 pound test fishing line that the bouy made his loot from owning a few gold mines.

Anyway the tide was right and the first hit of the day was a nice toasty (no butter) token followed by a slew of pennies and then a 1872 Vickie quarter. Wasn't done as shortly thereafter a 1947 George V1 appeared from the muck and then......a slew of pennies followed by a 1908 quarter followed by.......you got it a slew of pennies and a few large ones at that with the oldest being 1859.

I was so tired that I was tripping over every mussel on the shore so I stopped dropped and counted my finds hoping; more like begging that I had quota! That I did and drove home pumping a large double milk from Tim's into me and a cool $20 into Otto. Bouy can sure put it back!

Once home I was immediately struck with the now familiar noise from the vac truck so I fired up the computer, clicked on Limewire, cranked up the sound and blasted my skull with tunes that were a heck of a lot more pleasant to listen to then the whine of the cleaners! I then phoned my boss and explained to him why I wasn't going in tonight.............bouy must be hard of hearing as I had to repeat myself three times!

Anyway me bouy take for the day was 2 keys, a silver 925er "O",3 silver coins, a game piece I think, a Halifax HRM pin, 3 large pennies, a smaller token stating no cash or trade value (have to clean that one up) with a total coinage of 56 @$3.31

A few fellows wanted to see a better photo of my fav find from this year so hear goes. Brings tears to a bouys eyes me son. Tant it da trut youz for the Bluenose is sailing once again!
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Silver from Vickie to Edward to George and ..........."O"
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