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 Near Narvonic Quota

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Near Narvonic Quota   Mon Oct 12, 2009 3:41 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....I was awake looking at the ceiling, feeling anxious for today was a digging day. Like a little bouy going to a candy shop, like a slightly older bouy going out on a hunt for that big buck, like a bouy in his twilight years going to the bingo hall to sit in a room full of "mature" ladies this bouy was primed. Dread the day I lose that feeling or even worse.......having that spirit and the old body just not up for it anymore.

Having a quick Tim's I deposited Marie at the "Golden Arch" and motored down the highway with the lights on as dawn had yet to peak over the horizon. By the time I hit this sign I knew in me bones that this was... "A good day to dig!"

As Otto glided into a parking spot at our destination I heard that little voice in the back of my head telling me that I was missing something, something that had to be done. Grabbing my digging bag it hit me........I had not packed my hunting knife which must be in Navy Davy's back seat so out came my first usage of the Lesche Tool. Felt like a mass murderer carrying that as I approached the causeway.

Looking to my left I saw the ever present zodiac that the local divers use and wondered if it was a sunken wreck that kept them coming back!

Was relieved when I saw the mess the raccoons had made of the lawns as I was worried that the Lesche Tool in my unskilled hands would make a mess.

Two coins and five minutes later it wasn't like all roads led to Rome but rather all roads on a dig led to the loo where I contemplated the meaning of the dig while preforming the royal paperwork.

With that out of the way I headed to the back of the island near the well and old foundation and was rewarded with two most toasty tokens of unknown origin. The view from here was worth the trip and I stopped in my tracks and quacked at nature in all her glory thinking that this was utopia. A great view on a good day with the Garrett Freedom 3 Plus humming it's enchanting tune and no bells of St.Mary's ringing in my skull!

As happens so many times when I'm out time was at a premium as I was due home to pick up Marie and head to the in-laws for a turkey supper.

Felt at peace with the world at least till I tried to fire up Otto..................had left his lights on! Lord love a duck. A fellow parked next to me returned just at that moment and sparked Otto up.

Take for the day was 73 coins @ $6.76 including the 2 unknown toasties.
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Near Narvonic Quota
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