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 Did the dew after the honey bunny to do list

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Did the dew after the honey bunny to do list   Fri Oct 02, 2009 4:59 pm

From the land of the Bluenose....ever get one of those days boy when nothing goes right? Reminds me of the old Monkee song;
"I should have stayed in bed
Pillow wrapped around my head
Instead of waking up to find
A nightmare of a different kind"

Well let me tell you me son today was that day. Got up and stubbed the toe on the bed, sat on the toilet before the lid was down,made my yellow grapefruit ruby red when I cut myself preparing the darn thing, cut myself not once but three times shaving and then slipped in the shower falling on my elbow..man that smerked big time !

Then I go to the living room and Mrs Prick is at it again trying to overpopulate the cacti world.

Rutgar is giving me that "I don't give a halibut look."

Then the real horror of my day struck........the hunny do list on the fridge...son of a sea horse!

Retreated to Otto and cranked up the Doobie's "What a fool believes." Lord love a duck.

Anyway the list wasn't that long;
1. get your pants out of the tailor
2. go to the Chronicle Herald for yard sale ad
3. go to bank to get money order
4. go to Purolator to send water baby to Garrett to be fixed
5. go to Sobeys for pop, chip and dip
6. go to the dollar store for tags and bristle board
7. go to.........Lord love a duck that was enough..going digging!

So I did when Otto reminded me of number #8 on the list
8. go to Wilsons and get the tank filled!

Man Otto is a pig!

Finally hit Oakfield Park and some peace and quiet.....then the dogs came and one jumped on my coil and sniffed it...the nerve youz!

Quiet again.....then the parks bouys were whipper snipping. Ran into ranger Neil who I play hockey with and chewed the cod!

Did manage a few finds. Can you see the difference me son?

Anyway I now have to go wash me balls..... golf balls that is that are going on the market tomorrow at our "Multi family yard sale." Or as those Limy folks say a "Boot sale."

Anyway the take for the 45 minute dig was that dewie and 27 coins @$3.48 and a night with me bouy "Budnonthewiser!" Think the bouy has some German blood in um!
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Did the dew after the honey bunny to do list
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