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 Son of a seahorse

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Son of a seahorse   Thu Sep 10, 2009 5:31 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....I'm sure you have all been there...sleeping on a mattress where the center of it is sunken like the haul on a schooner. Well I hung around for 5 hours today waiting for it to arrive. Was looking forward to going to bed and sleeping on an even keel. Talk about bad customer service which is the norn these days as our time , as a consumer is worth nothing. Know what I mean when you go to a doctor and he's triple booked his appointments...........................Leon's arrived as I write this post.....................Praise the mattress gods. Gotz to hold me tongue in cheek! Anyway I'll report on the nights sleep in a future post.

Got out for about 2 hours to the old Dingle on a day that was made for........detecting and that I did! Was thinking I might buy that house across the Northwest Arm with the three boats in front of it after I tumble and roll my pennies from this years dig!

Hit the shore as the tide was out in the area where the old cable ferry was. Man did it stink. "Son of a seahorse." Then I found one on the beach along with 2 very tosty large cents with holes in them. Thwarted love tokens I suppose.
Also had to fight off the seagulls who were squawking so bad it sounded like a nagging wife with a "honey do list!"

Moved to the grounds and popped a few more pennies and such then headed home to make corn chowder for the boss.

Take for the day was a"son of a seahorse,2 toasty large cents,a key, washer for a washer toss game,a dewy hook and 65 coins (including a few wheaties) at $3.27

Footnote....fellow delivering the matress was Louis who I play hockey against so I took it easy on him....at least till I see him on the ice!
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Son of a seahorse
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