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 Double silver "O" and...shocking me son!

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Double silver "O" and...shocking me son!   Thu Aug 27, 2009 8:08 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....Lord love a duck it was one of those days me son. How you ask? Well grab a chair and and a cup of coffee and I'll tell you a tall tale that did happen as did all me other posts!

Promptly at 0420hrs I awoke and got up. Nothing out of the ordinary there and after a few games of scrabble on the ISC site I phoned Navy Davy and arranged to meet him at "Quota Field" for a little sneak and peak or wing and sling.

Stopped at Tim's for a cup of joe and there standing in the line up before me was Paul Mason a friend dating back 30 years so I put my arm across his shoulder and gave him a playful slap in the belly and said Hi..........Paulllllllllll........son of a sea horse it wasn't Paul and this bouy was 6'4 going about 275. Man if he was upset I was going to wake up in.................tomorrow!

I apologized big time while at the same time wondering what my medical covered. He took it in stride and when I told him who I thought he was laughed bigtime as he too knew Paul and that was not the first time that had happened. Well me son I laughed so hard that I could have filled me Tim's with tears..........of relief!

Anyway met Navy Davy at the field and we did the dew with he swinging the Ace and I............need you ask me son! Got quota with ND not far behind. He showed me the chain that he had dug yesterday and had cleaned....wowzer it was nice especially since he had fixed the missing link. He also added that the chain he found two digs ago was not silver. So much for his streak! To me a nice find nevertheless!

We parted ways around noon as I was going aquatic at one of my once a year spots!

Added a silver ring marked 925 and a ring marked 925mexi......um foreign to this bouy but silver. What was shocking here is that when swishing around the point of this beach came across a couple in "aquatic exercises" and it was obvious the lady was totally "lost in space" or as we say here, "Three sheets to the wind!" Only happen to me! Was hoping that during their "exercises" (she was totally nude) that she lost a few of her piercings that adourned her ample body! Lord love a duck! No wonder I only do this lake once a year......it's polluted

Anyway take for the day was 2 silver rings, a key, dinkie (no relation to Otto), bridge token, 86 coins @ $7.57 and more then an eyefull!

Later as I was driving buy the old MT&T telephone company headquarters a power box reminded me to "phone home."

Man o man only in the Land of the Bluenose! And too boot the ladies this evening were owlly........at least I could raise my arm and say..."Your out!" Nice being the ump.
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Double silver "O" and...shocking me son!
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