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 Diamonds, gold and silver

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Diamonds, gold and silver   Thu Aug 20, 2009 6:59 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....night shift was looming and I'm sure a bank of fog was going to cover the runways and apron making life.....interesting! I quickly put that thought behind me but not the feeling that I was being watched, stalked and possible set up for something.

Had a two hour window so I decided to go solo with a multifaceted approach to a dig and gathered all the gear for the two hour onslaught at "Rugrat Lake." Started on land with a full pack of the little munsters on my "9" and was being interrogated on the move;
"Hey mister did you find that knife?"
"What are you doing?"
"Did you find anything?"

I ignored them best as I could but they kept on coming and coming. I had no where to hide so after finding quota with keys I finally saw what was nagging me deep in side my cerebral cortex......Spong Bob who I eyeballed eyeballed me back with that stupid grin. What you see when you don't have a golf egg whacker!

Then on second thought it reminded me that I was in dire need of a "A Few Good Golf Eggs" and asked Bob to hand pick a team for the dangerous assignment that was coming Friday as I'm in the company golf tournie aided by Paw, Mick and Rick. An elite team to say the least.

Of course that made me think of Dr. Suess' "Green Eggs on Ham."

I heard Bob address the troops;

Need you eggs
I need you now.
You may be red, yellow or green
But no one that is mean.

You will face the perils of the water
You will face the dunes of traps
You will face being lost in the woods
You may never come back!


Anyway phase two called for encounters of the aquatic type like the Edmond Fitz Gerald... where I went deep and took water and popped out one halibut of a bling! Let me tell you me son Marie was on that once I got home like a tuna on a school of macheral!

By then Brigader S. Bob had his troops for the dangerous egg whacking mission! The few and the stupid! Some I knew by name and some by reputation!

Of course I had some back up for "brandy comes in handy" on a day on the range!

Take for the short outing was the diamond ring, 2 golf eggs (drafted), 2 keys and 62 coins @ $7.07

Day 2

The night shift was a gruelling affair with each moment taking an eternaty to pass. Got home at 0530hrs, showered and awoke at 1030hrs and called in the Navy who was a waiting for some action. Navy Davy was ready as Otto glided into his shipyard and we loaded the gear. It was a hot day. It was a sunny day and one that would sure test the intertinal fortitude of us bouys.

We hit a playing field knowing that it was laced with targets and dig we did while consuming 6 liters of h2O! Navy Davy hit a nice silver chain shortly after my silver ring when the heat hit again and Admiral Hunny Bunny was due to jump ship.

ND managed 42 coins with the Tesoro and the chain.a very nice find to say the least!

After droppeing ND at port and picking up the Admiral we headed to a beach to cool off and wowzer I added 2 more 10k rings to the silver one found!

Delighted I offered to take the Admiral out for ice cream which she accepted.

Take for the day was tweezer (um), 2 keys with key chains, key, 2 defunct bridge tokens, a silver ring, two gold ones and 69 coins @ $14.43
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PostSubject: You must have a detector coil hidden in those big feet!!!!   Mon Aug 24, 2009 1:17 am

Glad to know you are finding your favorite Blings's in plural!!! Having a good time on vacation, mending the sore ribs!!! Hope to get out soon.

Happy Blinging to you sir.
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Diamonds, gold and silver
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