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 Days of silver

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Days of silver   Thu Aug 13, 2009 4:47 pm

Day 1 Silver.....it's all Greek to me!

From the land of the Bluenose.....no it wasn't a cruise amoungst the Greek Islands nor a walk through the ruins in Athens but a digger's pilgramage to the promised land of "Quota Field."

Praise be as Navy Davy and I dropped to our knees not to give praise and thanks but to dig yet another coin that was under our coil.

Navy Davy was trying out his new machine which was of a sacrilegous brand...Tesoro!

He had smitten the God of Garrett but was rewarded with 25 coins which was not bad for a first outing with a new machine.

I the ever faithful swinger Of Garrett hath dug up a 1950 silver dime and was praying bigtime that tonight would go smoothly and that no plague, nor flood nor heavenly devine intervention would ruin my umping gig.

Detecting gods rewarded me with a key (to what I hath not been informed by the power that be), old bridge token, 1950 dime and 80 coins @ $7.72

The Greek coin was a detecting first for this bouy!

Day 2 Silver brings music to my ears!

From the land of the Bluenose.....we drove, then drove then stopped at a beach where a group of "middle" aged ladies were running up and down the beach and doing various exercies. Let me tell you me son it was not "Baywatch" nor "The 5 minute workout" by any stretch of the imagine but Navy Davy and I gucked anyway!

Wish I had brought my aquatic gear with me as the tide was low and no waves to be seen. Up and down we went finding just a few coins each till....the Garrett brought that sweet bell tone to my ears and a first in my hand. Never before had I dug a Jew's Harp. Hell I wasn't going to try it for even when I sing at Mass they throw me out of the church!

Also rescued "Big Bird's' twin brother "Little Bird."

Leaving there we drove to a playing field rich in coinage as well as a silver "MOM" pin which could be a "WOW" pin if you turn it upside down (in previous photo) along with another silver dime that like the previous day was a 1950.

Anyway Navy Davy did 51 coins making quota with his new Tesoro that he got at a flea market still in the box for $125!

I eyeballed a golf egg (ND got 2 on the dig the day before) and this little number.

Lord love a duck if it ain't me colour me son!

Anyway enough rambling so I ended up with a 1950 dime, silver "Mom" dewy,Little Bird, a Jew's Harp, a key, "Find a cure" metal ribbon dewy and 90 coins @ $14.88

This will add to my "Send a bouy back to Britian fund" and the "Fix the Garretts Fund" as I now have a box that will fit these lovelies that are going back to see Dr. Brad at Garrett.
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Days of silver
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