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 Like Man....Gold "O" trippy

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Like Man....Gold "O" trippy   Wed Jul 29, 2009 6:09 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....like man got up with the raising sun and it was .........far out......there! Looked like a giant orange man oozing and hairy like it needed a shave man.

Like I was on a trip or something but you know what I mean just a short one to pick up me bud. No not the kind you drink but the one you chill out with. But bro it was a hot one and dew was there to be done. Peace love and all that sort of stuff without hating Ashberry. You know what I mean...do you?

Like man we ended up in a field of grass...no not that kind man the real stuff and we swung big time not that time was running out as we had started at 630am after I dropped Marie off. Really like didn't drop her more like let her float off man...someone has to make the bread other then....like this dude!

Navy Davy was out in space having found a dewy from hanger 53 with his quota like 50 coins man hand dug by his own hand. Nice ride for a space cadet but hey..........someone is out there besides ET phoning home.....and that I did to see if my main squeeze wanted to partake in "Chicken a la Superstore".........right on and right on it chick!

Like his mood ring was deep and like a bro he did goes and find it. Peace and love!

Far out ...in the water I did traverse with Garrett the ferret.....has a nice ring to it...then man I found one in the drink

the kind you drink too...like Bud the King of beer wounded with tomato juice!

Home in the crypt the main squeeze was like out picking flowers or with the "Hairy Kerschners" so I sat a figuring......at least bro til I ran out of fingers and toes and then when looking at the digs that I had dug that I had dug (man bad flashback) it was like... ..man a vision of fingers reaching out to snatch the finds man..............but that was my stash bro and no un was going to score it like.........Wayne Greatzski man ...dude is retired I'm told ...so did I in front man....or was it back with Ironed Butterfly, Led Zeph, Pink Floyd and Steppedonwolf...far out!

Total score for the day dude was heavy......in the pocket of my cut offs like a gold ring, a trippy kiddie dewie.........wowzer and 124 coins @ $15.47
Like man I now have juice................enough like to buy Land Baby some new 9 volts. Far out there..............tomorrow dude!
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Like Man....Gold "O" trippy
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