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 1806, silver and a pink hippo

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: 1806, silver and a pink hippo   Sat Jul 25, 2009 7:02 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....it's a jungle out there and Navy Davy and I "Loving every moment of it!" An early start with the mist raising off the water, dew on the grass and a black lab that had more energy then that pink bunny that I'd like to get in my sights!

The playing field looked inviting and untouched but was laced with fill and junk of every description. While retrieving a target I had an up close and personal encounter with a playful black lab who was tearing up the yardage up and down the field. Must have been an omen as I dug this little number which is a rare first for this bouy!

A Norway coin was not on my list of firsts that I wanted to cross off but this was another first! Can't quite find it in the Haxby.

Meanwhile Navy davy was doing a lot of knee bends and playing with the lab who seemed to enjoy the attention. Next find for this bouy was a musketball.....Lord love a duck, I can just imagine the damage it that would do to a bouy!

We then moved to another spot and ND went to work digging faster than a seahorse can swim hitting quota. His finds included 2 keys, a Brit 10p coin, a nice SEDMA pin and 56 coins.

We started home happily but weary from all the knee bends when we ran into an accident whereas a motorists cut off a murdercycle with the fire department in attendance .

Hope the bouy was okay and on the way home from there we passed by no less then three EHS vehicles.

Once ND dropped me off I had to sit on the doorstep of the building for an hour as I had no key having given mine to the supt. so he could paint (mind you our place has been in disarray now for 10 days). Marie finally arrived home so I changed my clothing and gear and went for a quick aquatic hunt while she attended to her mother.

Amazing how a little sun brings out the rugrats as the lake was crawling with them.
"What you doing mister?"
"Finding leeches to stick on little kids who ask me questions" I would retort and get some badly needed space to swing my coil.

Finally left alone I got into the "zone" with my second target being yet another first for this bouy.......a rock with silver. Nice but a tad on the gaudy side for my tastes....doesn't look like a Bud!

Lord love a duck and there was a few at the lake time ran out and I had to return to my father-in-laws to pick up Marie but not before rescuing the pink hippo.

There was no pot of loot for ND and I but this one did appear!

Anyway my take for the day was the 1806 token,musketball, the pink hippo, key, Gerber folding knife, 5 ore Norway coin, Japan Bullet Train pin, 2 game zone tokens, the silver cover rock, zipper, magnet and 133 coins @ $20.66

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1806, silver and a pink hippo
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