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 Operation Clean Sweep

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Operation Clean Sweep   Wed Jul 22, 2009 11:12 am

From the land of the Bluenose.....a two day boot and scoot mission with two objectives; 1. move enemy coinage out of the east sector field while removing all obstacles for further missions and obtain the quota of captured coinage 2. relief the pressure on the caged in units in the SJAM field (Sir John A. McDonald High School) and to obtain the quota of captured coinage.

Day 1

06035hrs zulu
Drove General Hunny Bunny to HQ and chowed down on some "Romeo Romeo" (Rotten Ronnies) breakfast sandwiches and a cup of mud at Tango Hotel (Tim Hortons) and loaded my Freedom # 3 Plus with 3 full metal jacket 9 volt Copper Top batteries.....I wasn't going to take any prisoners. Dam the orders!

0711hrs zulu
Pulled up to the designated field and it looked vacant but I knew Victor Charlie was there in their spider holes waiting!

Did a sneak and peak and began to look for targets of opportunity finding many that felt the rath of my coil!

0821hrs zulu
HQ sent me replacements as Navy Davy and Jack the "Hack" showed up and we gave them hell, sniffing out coppers here, nickels there and a time box full of nasty kids wonderments. Kudos to ND for going so deep on that one! Jack managed to down 3 while ND was a rocking on full auto with 32 captured and a silver one too boot.

Had to dee dee out of there as my civic duty called me back to barracks as we voted on our first ever contract.

1400hrs zulu
The vote was intense...a nay vote ment a strike with no job to come back to and a yes a job and a raise. (Found out the next day I'm in for a $3.01 raise..got to love democracy in action.)

Pick up the general and headed to an area where Victor Charlie was active and went aquatic as as the general dug in on the beach. War is hell and I soon had a good coin count as well as a 925er silver "O"

2011hrs zulu
Arrived at Firebase Marie and did the coin count with objectives reached. Total for the day was 2 earrings, "Woods" zipper dewie,insignia of a ranking officer, photo memory card (passed it on to intel for examination) a 925er "O" and 80 coins @ $12.02

Intel still trying to decode this item!

Personnally I think it's part of Victor Charlies torture apparatus for golf egg whacking...the horror, the horror.

Day 2

0900hrs zulu
ND arrived on time and we Romeo Victored at Tango Hotel and gulped down some fine mud with a sandwich of mystery meat on the side. Fighting on an empty stomach; not in this man's army! Started in country in an area where we had no itel but did manage to put a dent in the missions objective and then headed to the killing field.

Going was tough and Navy Davy went native.

A first for this bouy in combat as I seized a brand new folding in a bag chair which I put to good use during a lull in the action!

They threw everything they had at us and kept on coming and coming but we were up for the task with ND capturing 63 coins, a ref soccer medal, a dink bike and a silver chain that he had blown into 3 parts. (bike and rings from previous day's mission)

As for this soldier it was just another routine day with 2 keys and a key chain and 85 coins @$13.48...mission accomplished!

Found out later I had gotten honarable mention in our monthly rag for a medal I was awarded for past action!
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Operation Clean Sweep
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