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 The Newbie, the Rookie and the Old Bouy!

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: The Newbie, the Rookie and the Old Bouy!   Tue Jul 14, 2009 5:30 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....(Sunday)you could tell at a glance the bouy was military and strung as tight as Vanessa William's tennis racket! Once inside Tim's that icy facade gradually lost its icy chill as he introduced himself to Navy Davy and realized he was in the company of a fellow ex serviceman. For the next 20 minutes Phil and ND exchanged "war stories" that eventually came round to detecting stories before we headed out to a nearby school/playing field.

Arriving at the spot Phil grabbed his detector from his truck as Navy Davy and I gasped and shocked to see a White's MXT...the machine of choice of the late great Birdman! Recovering from the non Garrett swinger I assisted Phil with some of the basics including Pole Length 242, Coil Swinging for the Beginner and Invisible Plug Digging 101!

The technical operational side of the MXT was as foriegn to me as having a full beer in the fridge last 2 days but I soon caught on enough to help the newbie. I then went over targets (which I knew were either a coin or junk) and then let the newbie with his fancy machine go over it and try and determine what it was. Bouy caught on in a flash and away he went with the 3 of us digging merrily till it was time for my "Tour of Duty."

34 coins for ND the rookie. Like any horse, band, ship or car I thought it appropriate that Phil have a digging name and took into consideration his career in the air force I thought, thought and thought some more then the fridge door opened.......um.......folks welcome Flyer Phil to our digging community!

19 and a key for the newbie.

60 coins @ $5.73, 3 keys and a whistle for the old bouy.
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The Newbie, the Rookie and the Old Bouy!
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