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 Busy day started with gold "O"

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Busy day started with gold "O"   Sun Jul 12, 2009 7:54 am

From the land of the Bluenose....well the big day was at hand as the annual LeRue Family Picnic was afoot. Marie was busy preparing food in the kitchen which afforded me time for........think I'll go a swishing for a couple of hours! Given the go ahead I packed the Seahunter Mk11 in it's bag,dumped the gear in the back of Otto, drove down the road, turned around and changed from my sweatpants into my bathing suit and headed to the lake. Think I was a tad anxious.

Beach was busy already but what the halibut and in I went finding a few coins and voila out popped this little number!

After 45 minutes it was too crowded so I left with the gold ring and 30 coins @$5.44

Once home I got ready for the picnic and assisted Marie carrying the food to the car which in itself was a full time job.
Wasn't long before the LeRue Clan arrived and even "HotWheels Mamma " Donna (lady sure can motor in that wheelchair) made an apprearance.

After a few pleasantries the serious stuff began. This year I was teamed up with Marie's brother Bobby and we made it all the way to the finals before being squashed in the final!

Of course the "hens" spent most of the day talking, eating and keeping a spare eye on the children swarming the yard. Must say I did chow down big time and felt a mere 100 pounds heavier by the time I left.

After the feast it was the get together around the fire pit and then a fireworks feista which caused a traffic jam on the road as cars parked curbside to witness the display which was a perfect end to a golden day!
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Busy day started with gold "O"
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