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 The Clue in the Old Book

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PostSubject: The Clue in the Old Book   Thu Jul 09, 2009 9:03 pm

Sounds like a Nancy Drew mystery, doesn't it?

But old books can be great sources for treasure leads.

Do you have a story about finding a great hunting spot thanks to something you read from long ago? Post it here!

Just this week, this notice appeared in my local paper:
Area history
In 1909,
during the hot summer months, camping on the Sangamon River in Mahomet seems to be all the rage. Last summer, nearly 300 families camped around here, and from present indications there will be twice as many this year.
Mahomet is a small town ten miles west of me, and there is still a county park along the Sangamon River. I've detected that park several times, but only in the play areas, never by the river. You can bet where I'll be hunting next time I'm there!

My lastest podcast is about using old books and other publications to find clues to long-forgotten treasure areas, just waiting for you to come along with your metal detector.

Listen to it by clicking the pink button at this site:


---Dan Hughes
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The Clue in the Old Book
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