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 Prince Edward Island Century Dinger

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Prince Edward Island Century Dinger   Tue Jun 30, 2009 6:10 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....up by 4 runs in the bottom of the last inning with 2 out and in I come....the stopper from the Blues! First pitch is lined off the center field by the lanky right fielder from Oakmount Station. Man on third and still one out to get. Next pitch was launched up there with the Spuntnik, Soyez and the space station and has yet to re-enter the atmosphere!

Drowned my sorrow at blowing the save by swinging the Garrett and penny popping whilst enjoying a cold beverage as the hot temperature had drained me after my less than heroic effort on the mound. Heat was getting to everyone and by the end of our third game that day we were ready for a cold one.

Made up for my bad relief appearance by only giving up one run in the next 11 innings and digging about 30 more coins before we adjourned to the hotel for some "R&R" before heading out to a lobster supper.

As you can see my roommate for the tournie Wes.....was deep in thought but pleased as his Greys were the last place team in our league and we had won two games and were in the semis the following morning!
John Guy's wife (notice that fine looking Garrett in the background) talks over the battle plan for that nights lobster dinner and tomorrow mornings game with Wes. Something was not well in Summerside! Later found out that Neil, whose birthday it was did a combo Newfie Jig and P.E.I. Stomp and fell into Donnie who was playing guitar which ended up on the ground broken under Neil's ample butt. Lord love a duck.

That night at the dinner with over 30 tables full of crustation devourers there was a draw in that the last table to be served won 6 bottles of wine for their table..........you got it and I can't recall!

Next morning we headed back to Slemon Park and I took the time to view a few of the aircraft that had seen service at this closed base.

Before game time I loosened up by digging up a few coins...life felt good and I was platooning at second base and it only took two innings before I took a one hopper off the thigh and in the same inning got my left ankle squished covering first. Good thing I walked that inning and not too gracefully took a courteousy runner.
Down 8-3 in the fourth I went to the mound to no avail even though we held them scoreless we lost 8-5. All the bouys from the Greys were delighted that we had played well and that after a kazillion tournaments on the Island had finally made a crossover as this wounded weekend warrior hobbled to the nearest cooler.

The drive home was a quiet one with everyone reflecting on the weekend and I on tomorrow's game against...............the Greys!

Take for the weekend of digging between innings and games was a dog tag, a dewy and 104 coins @ $6.24.
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Prince Edward Island Century Dinger
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