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 "I had a dream"

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: "I had a dream"   Wed Jun 17, 2009 2:32 pm

From the land of the Bluenose....
"I had a dream."
I dreamed that a Garrett, Whites and a Minelab
could swing harmoniously in the same field with out chatter.

I had a dream that all batteries lasted for 50 hours and that the masses willingly turned their pockets full of change inside out.
That no non believers scorned the swingers of the white orb.
"Oh yes I had a dream!"

Son of a seahorse what a song to wake up to......"Wreck of the Edmond Fitzgerald" which I could empathize with as I felt as if I'd been run over by a Mack Truck after three night shifts of being the big Kahuna. Got to admit it's great being a second I/C aka "Bum bouy" as there is no pressure nor decisions to be made.....all done for you by the boss!

Called Navy Davy but no one was home which sort of sounds like my abode as Rutgar is the only one who ever stays indoors all the time. A great Nova Scotian sun was just a beaming down bigtime so I went to what we now call "Quota Field" and did the dew after stopping for a cup of mud which tasted like................mud or rather burnt mud. Tim must have rolled over in his grave after that was served from his fine establishment bearing his name!

Anyway behind the goal posts I did ago and did a dig and quite a few times at that as the place is still saturated with coins. So caught up in my near Narvonic state that I didn't see ND approach swinging one sick Freedom 3 Plus which he quickly changed to his Ace 250. Mr. Man think my UK fund will have to become the "Fix and repair Freedom 3 Plus Fund" as 2 of my three are ill. Have to give Dr. Brad a call at Garrett. Pray for them me sons!

Dig was going on uneventful till the cop showed up. Man what is lately with us and the police. She was not there for us but for a golf egg whacker who was beating the poor unhacked eggs in the direction of the school and a teacher complained. Fellow was long gone but seems to show up at the fields as often as ND and I. Of course Navy davy took a shining to the female officer but only two things were stopping him........his wife and the fact that the officer carried a big gun! And they say us Bluenoser's have no intelligence. Show me a bouy who isn't afraid of lead and I'll take you to the local cemetery!

We wanted to beat the traffic plus the fact that I have to work at my other job this evening so we headed out thinking of where we would hit tomorrow. Not looking forward to work this evening as I'm umping a double hitter in the "Sackville Almost Ladies League" and Ill tell you they are vocal.

ND take for the day (45 coins, knife and a golf egg) which he'll round out to quota on the way home.

I settled for a Brit penny, 1947 dime and 91 coins @$9.89
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"I had a dream"
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