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 B&E,RCMP,silver and a century

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: B&E,RCMP,silver and a century   Mon Jun 15, 2009 12:45 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....was going to do this post Sunday but when I got home and sat in front of the computer the phone rang.........at work in 45 minutes. Love that overtime.

Navy Davy arrived with a big grin and I found out why. He had made some homemade beef jerky and as we drove the backroads to a school/playing field we pigged out on the "most tasty" jerk.

We had done this school area once last year and right from the gecko coins started jumping under our coils.

Ten minutes into the dig I returned to Navy Davy's truck and took a bath in bug spray to no avail as the Kamikazee horse flies dive bombed me repeatedly. While I was swinging the Garrett with one arm my other arm was swinging viciously with the knife in that hand every once I a while making a nice "thunk" as the flat part of the blade came in contact with one of the suicidial bugs. Think I became an ace that day.

Anyway we continued digging with ND doing the happy dance finding a nice silver pendant. During the dig we noticed three teenagers hanging around making trips to the woods, down the road and then back to the far end of the school til a grey van came and they left in it. A few minutes after that the RCMP arrived and Cst Bernard from the Indian Brook Detachment (she was Micmac by the way) arrived and questioned us relating that the school was broken into! Well me son we had the description down pat and as we gave her the info a lady from the playground area arrived and gave the "copper" the names of the youths adding that they were, "Nothing but trouble from the day they were born." Civic duty in action or "out of neighbour watched."

We headed back to the playing field and did the dew for another hour and headed home happy.

Navy Davy's take for the day was 47 coins,a Boston Bruins dewy and the nice 925er pendant.

As for this bouy it was a crystal green marble and 102 coins @$14.73
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B&E,RCMP,silver and a century
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