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 Twin peaks....."I'll be back!"

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Twin peaks....."I'll be back!"   Sat Jun 06, 2009 10:32 am

From the land of the Bluenose.....sh,sh,sh,sh,bang,bang,bang,rrr,rrr!
That was enough for this bouy as these sounds became increasingly annoying causing my frontal lobe to become agitated.......then I woke up to the bedroom wall vibrating as the renovations were being carried on in the adjacent apartment which just happened to be where my bed was propped against the wall.

Son of a sea horse! Grabbing the big green bag I loaded for land and water planning on escaping the noise leaving the keys with the super on the way out as I knew they were sanding in my apartment later that day.

Wilson's for gas for Otto and Tim's for a coffee for me and we hit the soccer field that Navy Davy and I had hammered for the past week with I having a near quota experience in a little over an hour. No way was I going home so I skiddaddled to a local lake within the Halifax City limits prepared to do a combo dig. Started land first meandering around the grass upper field with modest success and slowly making my way to the beach area that I thought was deserted when I looked to my far right and next to the bush area I saw them.........."Twin Peaks!" Let me tell you me son next to popping a gold item from the ground this was the next best site a detectorist could see as laying there face up was a stunning young lady sunning herself with no top to her thong bathing suit which was no larger than a spaghetti noodle! I immediately had flashbacks of my recent trip to the Dominican where this was a common sight but here in Nova Scotia.....shocking! After a quick glance that lasted for about a mere........five minutes (sorry my son no photos...um although I'm sure it wouldn't have fizzed the beach goer) I continued swinging the Freedom 3 Plus making sure to make all the noise that I could so as not to startle the lady who just casually looked up and continued her sun worshipping. Did manage a few coins closer to quota and then went back to Otto and prepared to go aquatic with any hard feelings I had disappearing as I got waist deep in the water and felt like I was being encased in shrink wrap. Recovered a few targets which seemed to spark some interest in the lady who arose and called to me from the shore asking what I had found. Found it difficult to look the lady in the eyes but we had a pleasant conversation that lasted for a few moments and I returned to my swishing. Work was on my mind and I exited the water and casually glanced back towards the young lady who had resumed her position.

Once home I was greeted with a thick white cloud of dust. What a bleeding mess so I got cleaned up and headed towards work arriving way too early for my shift so out the Oldham Rd. and some golf egg hunting with 8 of the little white balls of pleasure being found.

Arriving home the next morning I related my experience to Marie who simply said, "Are you planning on going back to that lake?"
Puffing up my chest, throwing my shoulders back and sucking in my abundent beer belly I retorted in my best Austrian Arnold accent, "I'll be back!"
Big mistake.

Take for the day was 8 golf eggs, a flattening coin, 54 coins @$3.73 and a cold shoulder.
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Twin peaks....."I'll be back!"
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