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 Navy davy gets a medal and I another heart of silver

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Navy davy gets a medal and I another heart of silver   Fri May 29, 2009 12:16 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....the first night shift was over. My boss had the rotation off so this bouy was thrust in command and luckily everything was flying at the airport.Managed 4 hours sleep aftet shift, woke called Navy Davy and we were a digging quicker than a Cape Bretoner could cash his UIC cheque! Here it was Thursday and this old buoy and turned 55 and felt every year of it as each time I bent down to dig a target I heard a protest from each body joint and some that I didn't know I had. Lord love a duck who called these years the "golden" ones with the "rusty" years more aptly describing mid life and the twilight ones. Felt like my back was breaking but it was only my knife. Navy Davy to the rescue as he headed back to his truck and handed me a garden trowel saying, "My wife keeps on asking me where her trowel is and I tell her I don't know." Well I thought to myself I thought it was being used for something more useful then digging holes to plant flowers. Sort of reminded me of my backup Freedom 111 Plus which N.D. had taken a shining to and had been swinging for the past few months with a noticeable increase in finds. At least it was being used! Anyway the day in May was starting to wear this bouy down with some additional sack time badly needed before I work. Navy Davy agreed it was time to call it a day and besides me son had quota (56 coins), a golf egg, sports medal and a butterfly jewelry dewy and was rather pleased with himself and rightly so youz! My take for the day was a motor cycle dinky,golf egg 1957 Quarter,a silver locket and 64 coins @$7.34. Of course after I woke up and headed to Otto he took a hissy fit as Marie had left the lights on draining the battery. Father-in-law Bill to the rescue with a great night at work as the shift pretty near ran itself. Entering the parking lot at home I was greated by a nice sight, went to bed and dreamed of what I might find at the end of that rainbow!
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Navy davy gets a medal and I another heart of silver
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