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 Toasty colonials...good! View...great! Visiting friends.....priceless!

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Toasty colonials...good! View...great! Visiting friends.....priceless!   Wed Apr 15, 2009 4:59 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....Otto Mo Bile needed his tubes cleaned out so a motoring we did go ending up in Windsor. Stopped in to see me bud Makingholes but he was out and probably ...Makingholes. From there it was downtown to get me fix of Tim's and in the process passed a nice mosaic on a building that tells the history of the area....minus being the birthplace of hockey and sister town to Copperstown the home of baseball.

After a double milk no sugar I visited Saundra who was under the weather and her husband setting traps for the racoons that were eating the shingles off the house. Lord love a duck! Told me he uses cat food for bait for the "night bandits" who he traps, transports far away and then releases!
Then it was over to Win and Cheryl's for a double dose of double milk and no sugar while catching up on the gossip of the area and reminiscencing about out lost friend Pat, travel and politics.....lost me on the last one as I have never voted in my life.......politically apathetic Les thats me! Of course we drank the coffee and then set on the porch for a tad listening to the birds and enjoying the view!

After an hour of chewing the whale blubber it was time to go a digging with the first stop deep in the ravine to water the field with "filtered coffee!" Man that went straight through me and if the cows can water out there so can I.

Wasn't long before I had my first toasty token of the day with only a faint outline of a date....1815! Shame that they don't keep well in the soil but with all the runoff water and fertilizer coppers don't have much of a chance. Almost better to leave them in the ground but I dug a few and gave them to my host and motored back to my area and dug in a park that gave up a couple of silver rings the other day and dug a few coins and eyeballed a dewy for some sort of electronic music thingy and noticed that the park was littered with golf egg sleeves! Looking into the lake I saw a few laying on the bottom and knew deep down that come warmer weather they will be rescued when I go a swishing!
Take for the day was 4 toasty tokens, headphones,and 30 coins @.46.
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Toasty colonials...good! View...great! Visiting friends.....priceless!
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