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 Double 925 "O" day with quota

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Double 925 "O" day with quota   Tue Apr 14, 2009 4:33 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....last night I met up with Capt. Morgan who helped me start my vacation off right. Of course Marie was sailing too with a sub.....no onions or olives! I personally think she got the short end of the fin but what the halibut. Of course the capt made a fool of me and

My deep sleep was interrupted this mornng by the familar ring of the phone.
"Hey Les want to come into work?"
"Ron I'm hung over!"
"Well just hang your head out the car window and puke on your way here."
"Forget it Ron."
And this is the m8 I'm going to spend two weeks with in the UK! Sympathetic Limey.

Anyway I couldn't get back to sleep so I did the dew domestically till the fog lifted and headed out a digging stopping not once but twice for a Tim's. Hit a local park and did the penny popping jig finding you guessed it. A ton of the little coppers and a dog tag.

Tired of that I retreated to an old path around a lake which gave up a musket ball and a large old button with some silver on it. Notta coin on this part of the outing but was peaceful and the birds where a churping bigtime.

Headed home to pick up Marie and go to my Fakenbake session which sure felt good as Marie went shopping. Had picked up an extra Freedom and loaded it up for her to help me do the park and she managed 4 pennies while I found 2 silver and a kids ring. Made my day.

Take for the day was a musketball, dog tag, kid's ring, 2 silver rings, button and 57 coins @ $2.14

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Double 925 "O" day with quota
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