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 Crazed Bluenosers take their Pick....to the tundra

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Crazed Bluenosers take their Pick....to the tundra   Sat Mar 21, 2009 2:03 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....well me son Navy Davy and I were going to head out yesterday but I got the call from work and time and a half was just too good to pass up especially with the upcoming trips to the Dominican and UK. Mind you work was no walk in the park but I did have to swing a big stick. One of the worse days I have ever put in but I still enjoy going to work. Later that night I met up with Capt. Morgan and got "spiced"

Well this morning promptly at 0515hrs the phone rang and then rang again and for good measure rang once more before the answering machine cut in. Knew who it was and there was no way I was going into work even if they paid me triple time as today rain, shine, sleet nor a hurricane was going to interrupt my outing with Navy Davy who as always arrived on time looking as wound up as a chicken hawk in a hen house!

We did the dew at Robin's and trucked on down the road with neither of us winning on the roll up the rim to win..........Lord love a duck to win a free cup of coffee would have been a great start to my foggy headed day.

Both of us were double bagged as the air had quite the nip to it and of course we had the right stuff...........each of us had brought a pick (wooden handle in this photo) to dig in the tundra!

Well we swung and we swung with the only coin being a 1977 dime found by Navy Davy so we changed to another area where we could swing our detectors and picks without anyone seeing us deranged creatures in action.

At this location I managed to keep a 36 year streak alive as I did the "Niagara Nose" over the hole.....son of a sea horse a modern quarter. Was sweating it and not only from the chance of being skunked but let me tell you me bouy swinging that pick axe is no easy task!

Half an hour later we were on our way to Tim's and I eyeballed a penny on the steps which I scooped up with the grace of a two toed sloth!

Once in Tim's Navy Davy laid it on me as he showed me two coins that he had found at his old farm in Brooklyn in the basement in a mason's jar.................I drooled! Had to baulk though at the coin holders.....twenty cents a piece which is robbery you!

Was nice to get out a swinging but once home got the great news....Otto was wired or rather needs to be rewired as the wiring running along the rocker panels is toast. Son of a sea horse more spending money down the tubes. If that doesn't fill your boots! Think I'll go a sailing with Capt. Morgan again to the end of the earth!
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Crazed Bluenosers take their Pick....to the tundra
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