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 School cancelled but not Tundra Digging 101

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: School cancelled but not Tundra Digging 101   Tue Dec 09, 2008 11:53 am

From the land of the Bluenose.....we were hit by another snow that made the roads treacherous with Navy Davy and I figuring it was best to stay home. Think he was on detention from the wife and I was given homework by mine.

About 1100hrs it started to look better and the roads were cleared so I walked up to Marie's work and grabbed Otto so I had a few hours at least till I had to come back and pick up the boss. Thought that the lowered lake was the place to go so carefully I did go as the roads had icy patches. Of course Otto was full of it too.

The ground around the water was surprisingly soft so I hugged the shore and began a grid which was easy using my footprints (not carbon ones) as a marker.

Of course the wind was blistering but that was not a concern as I'd learned from my years in Yellowknife that it is better to be warm then fashionable. Man I was double bagged and I'm sure with my furbie with the hammer and cycle hat badge looked like a peasant from the Urals! That lesson complete....dress warm! Was thinking that some stockings were in order for the judges stand!

Took a quick recess and hit Robins which sure rekindled the warmth in me gut which was volcanic from the previous evening where it was filled with spiced rum and egg nog while decorating the tree.............Lord love a duck that was torture! Not the gut and rum but the tree thingie. Son of a sea horse my abode became infested with.....you know.....that Christmas virus ! Must be something in the egg nog!

What you see when you don't have an ak47 in your hand!

Well me bouy a bouy in white tights...shocking!
Of course nothing is more upsetting then Harper in tights.......

Son of a sea horse that is him!
Thinking of voting...first time in my life for the Green Party or the wife..... up goes the missile toe.....and not aimed at Iran!

Home grown terrorist in action armed with weapons of mass celebration!
Anyway had freed a few hostages from after school activity which included the key to the gym teachers rest room and 26 coins @ $7.08

Now for your last lesson.........how the angel ended up on top of the Xmas tree!
Rudolph was drunk again! The elves wanted more time off especially in the busy season and were in the process of forming a union............man that was unheard of! And too boot me son Rudolph wanted a tax exemption for the power that was used for his red nose. Santa was dispondent! Well here it is Christmas Eve and we don't even have a tree up and decorated! Well an little angle stepped forward and said that he would go and get a tree to decorate the North Pole and headed out in a most vile evening that was filled with a blowing blizzard . In the mean time Rudolph had drunk too much "rum egg nog" and fell off the roof frying his nose and too boot Mrs Claus was deep into that mid life female thing. Santa was beside himself especially after half an hour and no angel and no tree. Two hours later still no angel and still no tree. The wind was howling unmercifully.....still no angel and no tree! A faint knock on the door! Santa in a fowl mood, I might add answers the door and flings it open and there is the little angel lugging a tree that Paul Bunyon would be proud of. Of courser Santa was upset and roared at he angel.."Where have you been?" The angel in a voice that was but all sweet accord answered," I have braved a storm, polar bears and dancing with the Northern Lights to bring this tree here and if you don't like that you know where you can shove this tree.....and that is how the angel ended up uptop the Christmas tree!
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School cancelled but not Tundra Digging 101
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